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Driving along Senja Island

How to get to Senja, Norway

Senja is an island in Norway far north of the Arctic Circle with no airport. It can be tricky to work out how to get to Senja, but it’s accessible from Tromsø, Lofoten, and Oslo. Renting a car, or driving your own, is recommended to best explore the island. Norway’s […]

Cabin in a campground at wintertime on Senja island, Norway

The best places to stay on Senja

Sparsely populated and with just 8,000 residents, a trip to Senja requires some planning before arrival. As a popular destination though, there are a range of accommodation options available. There are some comfortable hotels and camping on Senja is very popular. The hotels also feature restaurants, and there are some […]

View of mountains at sunset in winter on Senja island, Norway

What’s the best time to visit Senja?

The best time to visit Senja for most people is summertime. The long days and warmer weather ensure the best conditions for hiking and camping. The optimal time to visit for the northern lights is in autumn or late winter/early spring. Senja has very similar seasons to its northerly neighbor […]