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Where to stay in the Lofoten Islands

Accommodation Lofoten has many accommodation options all around the islands. In the larger towns like Svolvær and Leknes you will find hotels. There are also houses or apartments available through Airbnb. Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in Lofoten → “Rorbuer” are old fishermen cottages along the coast and provide a unique […]

What’s the best time to visit the Lofoten Islands?

April to September: In some years, the winter in Lofoten might not let go until late May. But usually, you should be able to do some nice hiking starting in May. Expect to see temperatures around 10–12°C, but you can be lucky and get 20. From the 28th of May […]

How to get to the Lofoten Islands

The closest big city to Lofoten is Bodø, which is the typical starting point for a trip to Lofoten. Both Norwegian and SAS fly to Bodø. You can also travel quite cheaply from Oslo to Bodø by train. If you book well in advance you can find options as low […]

How to pack for a day hike

Day trips are a blast because you can see lots of nature and cover a significant amount of land without having to lug around camping gear. Check out Trolltunga for an awesome – if exhausting – day hike. Even though you don’t need as much gear as an overnight trip, […]

Island Hopping in the Oslofjord

Oslo’s fjord coastline provides incredible views, so why not explore the islands too? Each is unique and offers something to discover. Whether you’re visiting one or hopping around the lot, visiting the islands in the inner fjord is a must for anyone in Oslo during the summer. Related Story: Outdoor […]