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What’s the best time to visit Vang?

Vang is a popular year-round destination with just as many visitors during summer as during winter. Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in Vang → November to April The first snow will usually arrive in November. You have many options for cross-country skiing throughout Vang or if you are more keen on […]

Ski touring at Eidsbugarden

In the west end of Jotunheimen, you´ll find majestic mountains, big valleys, and many great mountain cabins. This is the perfect setting for a challenging ski touring adventure. Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in Vang → Start your adventure at Eidsbugarden, one of the historical midpoints for exploring Jotunheimen National Park. Eidsbugarden […]

Road sign pointing to Beitostølen

How to get to Beitostølen, Norway

The tiny but action-packed village of Beitostølen is easily accessible by both bus and car throughout the year. Buses run to Beitostølen from Oslo, Bergen, and Lillehammer. There are no flights to Beitostølen. The nearest major airport is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL) which offers direct bus connections and car rental. […]

Aurlandsfjorden – on, over and under

Aurlandsfjorden is a branch of the 204 km long Sognefjord, known as the “King of the Fjords”. It is among the world’s longest and deepest fjords, considered as archetypical fjord landscape and among the most scenically outstanding anywhere. Large parts of Aurlandsfjorden are included in the UNESCO World Heritage listing […]

What’s the best time to visit Flåm?

May – September Flåm really awakens during this season, so this would be your best time to visit. The days (and nights) are long, and most adventures are available because the snow is finally gone. If you’re lucky, temperatures during the day might rise above 20 Celsius, but at night […]

How to get to Flåm

Train The most efficient and hassle-free way of getting to Flåm is by train. There are multiple daily departures from both Oslo and Bergen on the Bergensbanen railway. At Myrdal, transfer to the Flåm Railway, a historic train with truly breathtaking views. The Flåm Railway train runs all year round, […]

Where to eat and sleep in Flåm

There are various accommodation options available in Flåm, from campsites to more luxurious hotel rooms. Here are some of the highlights. Related Story: Explore Aurlandsfjorden → Flåm Camping & Hostel Flåm Camping & Hostel offers a campground, hostel rooms, and cabins. If camping is your game, aside from a place to […]

Hiking in Nordmarka

The forested area around Oslo is a very important part of life for many people living in the city. The forest is so close to Oslo so you can literally be midst the wilderness with just a quick ride on the metro or the bus. Hiking in Oslo: A Guide […]

Transportation in Norway

How to get around Norway’s diverse landscape of mountains and fjords makes it challenging to always easily access adventures. We hope this guide will help you #getouttt and #stayouttt in nature. Some deals A very affordable way of traveling throughout Lofoten and Bodø is through the Travel Pass Nordland. This […]

What is the right to roam?

Being surrounded by the outdoors no matter what season is deeply ingrained into Norwegian culture. The importance of escaping everyday life for a simpler one and feeling refreshed by nature is still very important to Norwegians. Since 1957 the right to roam law has existed, allowing anyone in Norway to […]