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Guest Post: Let’s talk about how & why we travel

Let’s talk about how & why we travel. People have always traveled, and today people travel more often and longer than ever before. The world is becoming smaller every year, but how can we fill these intense journeys with valuable experiences which will create lasting memories, that we continue to […]

Experience Mjølkevegen at Vaset

Cycling the entire Mjølkevegen route is something you will never forget, however, the route is quite long and can be difficult at times. So, If you want to experience Mjølkevegen but you are looking for an easier option, then we have a solution for you. Stay at Vaset for 3-4 […]

Where is Mjølkevegen and how to rent a bike?

The Mjølkevegen bike route can be found in the eastern part of Norway about 3-4 hours from Norway’s capital Oslo via public transportation. The route goes from Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdal Valley to Gol in the Hallingdal Valley. Most people start the route in Vinstra, although there is no reason […]

What’s the best time to bike Mjølkevegen?

May to August Most of Mjølkevegen goes through mountainous areas so expect to see snow in this area until late in April and in some years even into late May. Roads will, however, be plowed so you can safely go biking from the start of May. Related Story: The Ultimate […]

Where to eat and sleep along Mjølkevegen

Mjølkevegen takes you through areas where not a lot of people live so it is smart to plan your accommodation and grocery stops ahead of schedule. Make sure you take a look at the main Mjølkevegen page to get an overview of where you will find these places. Eat and […]

Minature Mjølkevegen

Cycling the entire Mjølkevegen at one time can be a daunting task. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tackle sections of the entire route and still experience some excellent biking? Well, the Miniature Mjølkevegen is your best option. Related Story: The Ultimate Guide to Mjølkevegen → The Miniature Mjølkevegen route […]

What is Mjølkevegen?

Mjølkevegen is a cycling route in southeastern Norway stretching between Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen and Gol in Halingdal. The majority of the route passes through the beautiful region of Valdres, in areas such as Beitostølen, Vang, and Vaset. Mjølkevegen has been voted as one of the nicest cycling routes in all […]

Ski touring Uranostinden

Top 4 reasons to visit Vang

1. Stay at a remote cabin for a night or two Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in Vang → Vang is pretty remote and what is better than taking in all that remoteness by staying a night in one of Vang’s many remote mountain cabins. They are all accessible by marked trails […]

How to get to Vang

How to get to Vang

Vang is situated right in the middle of Norway, between Oslo and Bergen, and is easily accessible from both cities. The easiest way to get to Vang is by driving your own car or by bus. There is no airport or railway in or near Vang. Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in […]

Accommodation in Vang

Where to eat and sleep in Vang

Accommodation Vang offers accommodation options for everything from hotels to simple cabins to mountain lodges. Related Story: Outdoor Adventures in Vang → Tyin–Filefjell Filefjellstuene Mountain Lodge has a central position at the Tyin-Filefjell ski resort. Also, Tyinkrysset fjellstue and Airbnb are good options in this area. Bigger groups can book the […]