Lofoten has many accommodation options all around the islands. In the larger towns like Svolvær and Leknes you will find hotels. There are also houses or apartments available through Airbnb.

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“Rorbuer” are old fishermen cottages along the coast and provide a unique and cozy – if somewhat pricey – experience. A cheaper solution is to bring your own tent and stay in one of the many designated camping areas around Lofoten. Alternatively, take advantage of the “Right to Roam” in Norway.

Food and drinks
You will find cafés and restaurants in all the small towns throughout Lofoten. Be warned that you can expect to drive for up to an hour between some of the towns as Lofoten is not a very densely populated area.

You can find Supermarkets in all the major towns including Å, Reine, Ramberg, Leknes, Ballstad, Henningsvær, Kabelvåg, and Svolvær.


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