The Jotunheimen region has many excellent accommodation options spread throughout. Base yourself at one of the many lodges and explore the area on day trips or travel from cabin-to-cabin over several days to fully immerse yourself in the high mountains.


The village of Beitostølen, located at the southern end of the Valdresflye scenic route, is the most common gateway for travelers coming from Oslo. There are hotels, cabins, Airbnbs, and campsites available. For those on their way to Jotunheimen, this is the last place to stop for grocery shopping.

Beitostølen is a great base for hiking Bitihorn, horseback riding or pack-rafting on friendly rapids. In the winter Beitostølen is home to a small ski resort and incredible dog sledding tours.

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Halfway along Valdresflye lies the Gjendesheim tourist lodge. The large cabin, operated through The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), is the most visited in Norway. It is no surprise, with its spectacular location by the Gjende lake and use as a base for hiking the famous Besseggen Ridge.

There are several other campsites and mountain lodges nearby. The closest grocery stores are in Beitostølen and Randsverk, each about a 30 minute drive from Gjendesheim.

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A trip to Glitterheim is special, requiring a 1.5 hour hike in from the parking lot. The 140-bed lodge is a great starting point for hiking from June to October. The trail from Glitterheim to Glittertind, Norway’s second highest peak, is the easily the most famous hike.



The village of Lom, in the north of Jotunheimen has hotels and Airbnbs available. There are grocery stores and one of Norway’s best-known bakers, Bakeriet I Lom. The Norwegian Mountain Center is a visitor center for the Jotunheimen, Reinheimen and Breheimen national parks. Lom sits at the eastern end of the 108 km Sognefjellet scenic route.


Spiterstulen is one of two typical bases for trips to Northern Europe’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. Formely a mountain farm, the 200-bed Spiterstulen lodge is located alongside a beautiful river in a deep valley. The lodge is accessed by a 17 km drive south from Sognefjellet scenic route (road 55).


Another popular starting point for hiking Galdhøpigen is Juvasshytta mountain lodge. The trail from Juvasshytta takes you over a glacier and should be taken with a guide. Juvass is also home to summer skiing at the Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Centre. Reach the lodge with a 14 km drive south from Sognefjellet scenic route (road 55).


Leirvassbu is an excellent starting point for exploring deep into Jotunheimen National Park. In March and April the nearby mountains are perfect for ski touring. In the summertime, the network of hiking trails leads through breathtaking landscape including the distinctive Kyrkja. Leirvassbu is located a 14 km drive south from road 55, down the Leirdalen valley.



The Sognefjellet mountain pass is the highest in Northern Europe. On the highest plateau sits the Sognefjellet mountain lodge with room for 80 people.


Turtagrø is the entry point to the most mountainous region of Jotunheimen, Hurrungane. It’s an excellent base for climbers and mountaineers. Turtagrø Hotel provides rooms and meals as well as a campground with access to the hotel facilities. A short drive north of the hotel lies the starting point for the short hike to Helgedalsnosi with incredible views of the Hurrungane mountain range.


The small town of Årdal is the gateway for accessing Jotunheimen from the west. Hiking up through the deep Utladalen valley you follow the Utla river, filled with water from Jotunhiemen’s glaciers.  You can camp by the river or stay at one of two farms, Avdalen Gard or Vetti Gard. Just past Vetti Gard is the spectacular 275-meter high Vettisfossen waterfall. Further into the valley you’ll find the Skogadalsbøen lodge.


At the western end of Bygdin lake, Eidsbugarden has both the Eidsbugarden Hotel and the Fondsbu mountain lodge. In the summer there is a road to Eidsbugarden from the south, or the M/B Bitihorn ferry runs from Bygdin on the eastern side of the lake. From February to early May, a snowcoach runs from Tyin to the south. Both the hotel and the lodge serve meals, but stock up on any last-minute groceries in Tyin or Beitostølen. From Eidsbugarden, take a hike to Utsikten or head north to Olavsbu.

Where are you planning to start your trip in Jotunheimen? Or do you already have a favorite spot? Let us know in the comments.

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