Vang is a popular year-round destination with just as many visitors during summer as during winter.

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November to April

The first snow will usually arrive in November. You have many options for cross-country skiing throughout Vang or if you are more keen on hitting the alpine skiing slopes, go to Tyin-Filefjell which sometimes has the longest ski season in Norway, with snowy slopes until late May or early June. Being in a mountainous area, there are numerous options if you are keen on doing some ski touring. Expect to see temperatures ranging from -25 to 5°C 


For the outdoor activities, May and early June can be “in-between” months. Not quite summer, and still a lot of snow in the mountains. Hiking and biking in the woods or ski touring in the mountains with shorts and sunny days are often good options.

June to August

Hiking, fishing, and biking are the most common activities during this time of year, and the combination of culture and outdoor-experience that Kongevegen offers is the new summer hit in the area. Expect to see temperatures ranging from 10 to 20°C 

September to October

Autumn is high season for hikes to the numerous mountains in Vang. Popular trips to Falketind and Uranostinden are often hiked with a guide. For other options check out the 10 most classic hikes in Vang. Also, this is a good time for a hunt. At Eidsbugarden you can go hunting for grouse

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