1. Stay at a remote cabin for a night or two

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Vang is pretty remote and what is better than taking in all that remoteness by staying a night in one of Vang’s many remote mountain cabins. They are all accessible by marked trails both in the summertime and in the wintertime.


Originally Yksendalsbu was an old cabin used by the sheep shepherds in the area. Today, you are still able to sleep in the old cabin, but there is also a newer one built at the same site. The cabin is situated in the Yksendal valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

A weekend trip to Yksendalsbu and Tomashelleren


Tomashelleren is modern, cozy, and the newest of the mountain cabins in Vang. The view of Jotunheimen and the surrounding peaks from the cabin, is spectacular.

Try a two-day trip from the Vang valley up to Tomashelleren


Easy, high-mountain terrain surrounds Slettningsbu and you can start off the trip to the cabin from north, south, and west. The cabin is simple but cozy and welcomes fewer visitors during the winter.

Ski touring to Slettningsbu


Sunset at Sulebu with views of Jotunheimen’s great peaks as the backdrop is something you must experience. Actually, the cross country tracks run straight past the cabin so the access is great. 

Check out the cross-country skiing trip to Sulebu

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 2. Great ski touring


Ski touring and Vang is a great combination. The area boasts a large number of mountains with easy access and experiences some serious amounts of snow throughout the winter. Between November and March, the mountains are very accessible from the main Road 16 and in late winter, March to May, you can also access great mountains in Jotunheimen. Eidsbugarden is a perfect base camp to try out Frostdalsnosi as well as many of the other great Vang ski touring options.

3. The secret at Tyin-Filefjell

Tyin Filefjell is a small but delightful ski resort high up in the mountains in Norway. Being situated in Vang, you can expect the season to be long and last from November to April. From the slopes, the views of Jotunheimen and the surrounding areas are fantastic.

Also, there are tons of possibilities for deep powder in the surrounding areas. Take the ski lift up and steer your skis away from the slope to do some great off-piste skiing or go ski touring on one of the many great mountain tops nearby. Within a 10 minutes drive from Tyin Filefjell, you can enjoy more than 20 great options for ski touring. Whether it’s fresh or old snow, or you’re a rookie or an expert – the area has a lot to offer.

We made a collection of great skiing options for you while you are staying at Tyin Filefjell.

It is possible to rent equipment for skiing if you do not have your own. Both Intersport Filefjell and Tyin Sport have equipment you can rent for the day or longer.

If you don’t feel safe skiing on your own, Tyin Aktiv offers many different options for you. You can ask them to be a guide on any adventure or book with one of their existing guided adventures.

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4. Go mountain biking

Vang is a perfect spot if you enjoy mountain biking with lots of great options for a thrilling bike ride. The mountains are all around you and you can start biking from anywhere and get a great experience. Try out Langehøvde or any of the other great Vang mountain biking adventures on this very website.

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