In the west end of Jotunheimen, you´ll find majestic mountains, big valleys, and many great mountain cabins. This is the perfect setting for a challenging ski touring adventure.

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Start your adventure at Eidsbugarden, one of the historical midpoints for exploring Jotunheimen National Park. Eidsbugarden is perfectly situated for skiing enthusiast and going here you are surrounded by great ski mountains. Getting to Eidsbugarden in the wintertime is possible by snowcats from Tyin and at Eidsbugarden you can stay at Fondsbu Turisthytte or Eidsbugarden Hotel. Note that both accommodations open in early February. 

Skiing at Eidsbugarden

From Eidsbugarden you have numerous options for a great ski touring adventure. Go for one of the tough ones like Uranostind or Galdbergtind or play it easy and get some great views of the area from Utsikten.

The Western Route of Jotunheimen

The Jotunheimen area has many great mountain cabins and this is making it possible to do a multi-day ski touring adventure through parts of the national park. This adventure is not for the light-hearted and you should consider booking a guide for this adventure if you don’t have the proper experience. The Western Route takes you on top of four great mountain peaks while you can enjoy prepared dinners in the afternoon and sleep in soft beds each night.

Day 1: Eidsbugarden – Mjølkedalstinden (2138 moh.) – Olavsbu

Your first day starts at Eidsbugarden and from there you follow the marked trail towards Store Mjølkedalsvatnet. Continue going north towards Mjølkedalstinden with is situated just southwest of Olavsbu. Olavsbu is a self-service cabin from The Norwegian Mountaineering Association, which means that you will find canned food etc. that you can buy, but you will have to prepare the food yourself.

Day 2: Olavsbu – Midtre Høgvagletinden (2066 moh.) – Leirvassbu

From Olavsbu you continue north and head for Midtre Høgvagletinden. This is a fairly gentle mountain peak and from the top, you can ski down the glacier towards Leirvassbu. Leirvassbu is a staffed lodge with dinner and breakfast being served to you every day.

Day 3: Leirvassbu – Gravdalstinden (2113 moh.) – Skogadalsbøen

From Leirvassbu follow the marked trail towards Skogadalsbøen. About halfway to the lodge, you can climb up to Gravdalstinden on the north side of the valley. Follow the valley down to Skogadalsbøen which is a staffed lodge on the edge of the birch forest of Skogadalsen.

Day 4: Skogadalsbøen – Uranostinden (2159 moh.) – Eidsbugarden

The last day takes you up to the mighty Uranostinden. This is the most difficult mountain peak along the Western Route due to its sharp edges and very steep cliffs surrounding the peak. From Uranostinden follow the glacier down towards Eidsbugarden.

It is possible to do the same route, but without visiting all the mountain peaks along the route. About two weeks before easter, there are marked trails between the cabins and they all follow the mountain valleys between the cabins.


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