The Mjølkevegen bike route can be found in the eastern part of Norway about 3-4 hours from Norway’s capital Oslo via public transportation. The route goes from Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdal Valley to Gol in the Hallingdal Valley. Most people start the route in Vinstra, although there is no reason why you can not go in the reverse direction. From Vinstra you can ask Ruten Fjellstue for transport up to the mountain and similarily from Gol you can ask Storefjell Resort Hotel to be transported up to their hotel.  Between Vinstra and Gol, you can also choose to start your route at Beitostølen or Ryfoss.

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It is possible to rent a bike if you don’t have your own. Read more about how and where to rent a bike below.

Getting to/from Vintra

You can travel to Vinstra from Oslo by train. The train ride takes about 3 hours and if you book tickets early you can get them for 200-300 NOK. Book tickets and check the schedule at

Getting to/from Gol

Gol has a train station on the train line going between Oslo and Bergen. The train ride takes about 3 hours from Oslo and 4 hours from Bergen. Book tickets and check the schedule at

Getting to/from Beitostølen

Beitostølen is a small town along the Mjølkevegen Route. This is your final destination if you bike the Minature Mjølkevegen. You can also choose to start from Beitostølen and bike towards Gol or Vinstra. Beitostølen is just 225 km from Oslo city. Buses run between Beitostølen and Oslo several times daily on route NW161 and the journey takes around 4 hours.

Driving yourself to Beitostølen from Oslo takes around 3.5 hours

Getting to/from Ryfoss

Ryfoss is situated along main road 16 in the Valdres Valley. You will bike through Ryfoss going from Beitostølen to Vaset. If you choose to start your route from Ryfoss, be aware that you will experience some tough uphill climbs in both directions.

You can get to Ryfoss with the Valdresekspressen bus. From Oslo, choose Valdresekspressen(NW160) with Norway Bussekspress. The bus ride from Oslo takes about 4 hours and costs 300-400 NOK.

From Bergen, choose the Øst-Vest Ekspressen(NW162) bus with Norway Bussekspress. It takes about 5 hours from Bergen to Ryfoss and the ride costs about 500 NOK. This bus continues on to Lillehammer which takes about 2.5 hours.

Where to rent a bike

There are ways to rent a bike along the route, although it is a bit tough without a car, as you have to return the bike to the same rental company. Unfortunately, there are currently no options that let you rent a bike and return it to a different location.

Your easiest options for renting a bike is at the sporting goods stores Intersport at Beitostølen or Intersport at Vaset. You can also rent bikes at Ruten Fjellstue, Storefjell Resort Hotel, and Gomobu Fjellstue. If you are biking the Minature Mjølkevegen, you can ask Ruten Fjellstue about the possibility of renting a bike there and returning it to Beitostølen.


  1. Jan Ellingsen


    Så det er ingen mulighet for leie av sykkel for hele strekningen Vinstra til Gol? Problemer med tog og transport. Må bookes og tar ofte lang tid. Hvordan forandrer man forresten teksten til Norsk? Finner ikke dette som noe valg. Noe er på Norsk men beskrivelser av rute på engelsk.

    • Espen Oldeman Lund

      Hei! Vi har forsøkt å få klarhet i hvordan man kan best leie sykkel for hele eller deler av strekninga. Ruten Fjellstue ved Vinstra leier ut sykkel og det beste er nok å ringe dem å høre om det er mulig å levere sykkel på Gol.

      Denne teksten er dessverre kun på engelsk.

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