Cycling the entire Mjølkevegen at one time can be a daunting task. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tackle sections of the entire route and still experience some excellent biking? Well, the Miniature Mjølkevegen is your best option.

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The Miniature Mjølkevegen route goes from Ruten fjellstue to Beitostølen right in the outskirts of Jotunheimen National Park. This stretch is about 70 km long and can be done in two days with overnight stays at Ruten and Haugseter. Many farms are active in this area and all along this stretch of Mjølkevegen you will meet cows, sheeps, and even reindeer grazing freely. Miniature Mjølkevegen is also perhaps the most beautiful part of the entire Mjølkevegen and offers great panoramic views all the way from Ruten to Beitostølen.

You would be best off to start at Ruten early in the morning so plan your adventure to include a travel day where you go to Ruten and stay there for the night. Ruten is a classic Norwegian mountain lodge and you will not regret spending a night here before heading out on this great cycling adventure.

Getting to Ruten Fjellstue is easiest done by taking the train to Vinstra. The train to Vinstra takes about 3 hours from Oslo. Check for timetables and tickets. Ruten Fjellstue can arrange to pick you up at the train station. Just make sure to prebook this pick up some days in advance by calling Ruten at +47 61 29 73 20 or by sending them an email at

Also, if you don’t have a bike with you, contact Ruten Fjellstue ahead of time and you might be able to rent one there.

After staying a night at Ruten Fjellstue, start your biking excursion by going downhill towards Olstappen Lake. Follow the lake southwards and then westbound at the southern end of the lake. This area is all covered by forest, but from Olstappen lake the roads start going uphill and soon you will be out of the forest.

The road gradually climbs up to 1200 m.a.s.l. before reaching Kaldfjorden lake. From there the route goes down to Vinstre lake and to Haugseter Fjellstue. This first leg is about 45 km on gravel road. Keep an eye out for reindeer grazing in this area.

Haugseter Fjellstue is situated by the large Vinstre lake

Haugseter is a cozy lodge right by Vinstre lake. The lodge offers different types of apartments or cabins for rent and it also has a restaurant that serves you breakfast and dinner. If you want to take an extra day at Haugseter you could also go fishing by renting one of their small boats.

Leaving Haugseter you will follow on along the road along Vinstre lake towards Beitostølen. This first part is fairly flat until you reach road 51. From there, it goes downhill towards Beitostølen at 950 m.a.s.l. This is the busiest road along the entire route and in July there can be a lot of cars, so stay safe on your travel down to Beitostølen.

Under 400 people call Beitostølen home but thousands come to the town every year to soak up the beautiful surrounding nature. Even though it’s a tiny village, Beitostølen is packed full of fun activities and adventures. So it is definitely recommended to stay a night or two in Beitostølen and enjoy some fun activities before you head back to Oslo. Go for a Husky Cart Safari or if you are even more thrill-seeking take a look at the Synshødn Via Ferrata climb.

Travelling from Beitostølen back to Oslo is easy as there are direct buses departing several times a day. More info about the travel options from Beitostølen can be found in this post.


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