Jotunheimen has several entry points and all of them have either a bookable mountain lodge or a nearby hotel. We have gathered all of them to give you a better understanding of where to go and where to stay.

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A well-known winter resort with cabins, campsites, hotels and a wide range of Airbnb opportunities. For everyone passing through on their way to Jotunheimen, this is the last place to stop for grocery shopping. Beitostølen is entry point to several great adventures and hikes. Bitihorn is one of the most visited mountains close to the resort. Beito Husky could take you on a guided adventure to remember.

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The mountain lodge Gjendesheim was recently mentioned by Businessinsider as one of the “100 trips everyone should take in their lifetime”. The signature hike Besseggen starts practically at the doorstep to the lodge. There are several campsites and other mountain lodges nearby and the closest grocery stores are found in Beitostølen or Randsverk. Both of these locations are about a thirty minute drive from Gjendesheim.

Glitterheim is a bit different from all the other entry points in Jotunheimen because of the 1,5 hour hike from the parking lot to the mountain lodge. It´s a great starting point for hiking from June to October. The most famous hike from Gjendesheim is Glittertind. With 140 beds and great local food served, you should bring your friends and spend a weekend here.


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Is the National Park Village to Jotunheimen and has a variety of listings on Airbnb, several hotels, grocery stores and a National Park Center giving you a better understanding of Jotunheimen and the surrounding area. You can even go to one of Norway’s best-known bakeries called Bakeriet i Lom.

Spiterstulen is one of two entry points taking you to the highest mountain in Northern Europe, Galdhøpiggen. Spiterstulen is an old mountain farm located in a deep valley alongside a beautiful river. Spiterstulen can accommodate 200 people and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner to guests. To get to Spiterstulen, from Route 55 take Visdalsvegen to Brekkvegen and follow the road until the end, about 15 km.

Stay at Juvasshytta mountain lodge and start your journey to the top of Galdhøpiggen. You need to cross the glacier with a guide so make sure to book your reservation in advance. Juvass also offers summer skiing. There are no Airbnb listings in the neighborhood. From Route 55, take Raudbergstulsvegen until you come to Juvasshytta, about 14 km.

To get to Leirvassbu drive country road 55 from either Lom or Gaupne. Take off at Leirdalsvegen and drive 14 km in Leirdalen. Leirvassbu is located at the end of the road and is one of the best places to access the full network of hiking trails in Jotunheimen. A perfect place to start your summer holiday.

For everyone interested in ski touring Leirvassbu is the place to be in March and April. From the mountain lodge, you have easy access to a wide number of mountains well suited for ski touring. Kyrkja is one of the most characteristic mountains in Jotunheimen and easily accessible from Leirvassbu.


Route 55 from Lom to Gaupne takes you over Sognefjellet, the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe. Sognefjellet has no Airbnb listings but you will find several mountain lodges along the route. Sognefjellet mountain lodge is found on the highest plateau and with accommodations for 80 people and great local food served. You should definitely stay there for a night. Sognefjellet is a great place to start your hike and we would recommend the hike to Fannaråken.

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Turtagrø is the entry point to the most mountainous region of Jotunheimen called Hurrungane. This is a great place for climbers and mountaineers. The mountain lodge Turtagrø has rooms available and provides high-quality local food. There are no Airbnb listings in the area but Turtagrø offers nice places to accommodate tents for 140 NOK a night. For the price, you will be able to use amenities like toilets, showers and other common areas that the hotel offers. To get the perfect view over Hurrungane we would suggest a two-hour hike to Helgedalsnosi.

The entry point to Jotunheimen from Årdal is through the deep valley, Utladalen. Årdal is a small town with several listings in Airbnb, delicious restaurants, and grocery stores. If you are walking in Utladalen, you have the chance to tent by the river or stay at one of the two farms, Avdal gard or Vetti gard, both of which offer accommodation when you are hiking. If you are hiking Utladalen to the end you will come to the mountain lodge Skogadalsbøen which offers accommodation and all necessary meals. The hike to Sogadalsbøen is 14 km long.

Utladalen in Årdal takes you from sea level along one of the many rivers running down from the glaciers in Jotunheimen. Utladalen is a deep valley with many steep alternatives taking you from the deepest valleys to some of the highest peaks in Jotunheimen. Climb up the mountain ridges and you will eventually reach the sharp peaks in Hurrungane. If you choose to walk along the river you will reach the farm Vetti and the 253-meter high waterfall Vettisfossen.

Choose between Eidsbugarden Hotel or the mountain lodge, Fondsbu, situated at the western end of lake Bygdin. Eidsbugarden can be entered either by car or M/B Bitihorn between June and September. During winter you can access Eidsbugarden with snowmobile from February until April. Eidsbugarden hotel is also listed on Airbnb. All meals can be purchased at Eidsbugarden but there is also grocery shopping available. The closest of which is in Tyin, a thirty-minute drive from Eidsbugarden.

If you are staying at Eidsbugarden we would recommend booking a guide to Falketind.



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