The most efficient and hassle-free way of getting to Flåm is by train. There are multiple daily departures from both Oslo and Bergen on the Bergensbanen railway. At Myrdal, transfer to the Flåm Railway, a historic train with truly breathtaking views. The Flåm Railway train runs all year round, with up to 10 departures per day in the summer season, and 4 per day in winter.

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Getting to Flåm by car is also easily doable. From Oslo, the quickest route is a 4.5-hour journey heading northwest via Rv7 and Rv52. You will drive through Hemsedal via Gol and also experience the magnificent 24.5 km Lærdalstunell, the longest road tunnel in the world.

From Bergen, it’s only 2.5 hours. Head east via E16, pass through Voss and you will end up in Flåm right after passing Gudvangen.

At the time, there are no listings for renting a car through Nabobil, but you could contact Flåm Billeie (Flåm Car Rental) to book a rental car through them.

Boat/ Ferry

From Bergen you can travel by express boat, which is an adventure by itself. Taking this route gives you the opportunity to experience more of the Norwegian fjords along the way.


  1. Dear Lauren,

    Hopefully you can help me.

    We will be traveling from Bergen to Flam just for one night, then to Oslo.

    I am trying to figure out is it better to take a train from Bergen to Flam then do a 2 hour cruise from Flam?
    Train from Bergen to Voss, taxi or bus to Gudvangen then do a scenic cruise to Flam?
    or if there are any other options please let me know.

    We are trying to get the most beautiful and scenic routes in but easiest way too since we will be traveling with luggage.

    Appreciate all your help.

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Nadia, either solution would be fine really, but the second option is the most efficient. By jumping off the train in Voss and taking the bus to Gudvangen you avoid taking the Flåm railway twice – it’s the classic Norway in a Nutshell route. Luggage shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Dear Nadia, I am planning to travel from Bergen to Flam via bus in the morning, enjoy the naeryfiord cruise and stay one night in Flam. By next morning, get to stegastein viewpoint, then take the scenic train to Myrdal, after which I would go to Oslo by train.

    1. Any comment or suggestion?
    2. Would the bus from Bergen to Flam stop in a few spots for taking photo?
    3. If I travel by early July, would it be usual for rainy day, if so would it be heavy and long hours?
    Best regards


    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Timon, that sounds like a good plan to me 🙂 The public buses between Bergen and Flåm will not make photo stops, but that part of the route is not the most scenic anyway. Rain is always a possibility and it’s hard to predict, but remember there will be lots of daylight giving you lots of time to explore.


  3. Tami Stagman

    I will be in Beitostolen March 5-14, 2019 for XC ski World Masters. I would like to take a day trip to Flam to ride the scenic train to Myrdal and back. How would I do this? Is it possible to do in a day. Is there bus service from Beitostolen to Flam? Or a place to rent a car? I may only get to Norway once and would like a little side trip and this scenic train ride looks awesome. It has to be during that week. We are going to Lillehammer after the World Masters to ski the Birken Race and then flying out. Thanks for your help.

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Tami, I think it’s possible by public transport but it’s a long day of travel. Here is one option using March 7th as an example:
      Beitostølen to Flåm (2 buses)
      Flåm to Beitostølen (2 trains, 2 buses)

      If you don’t mind driving in snowy winter conditions, it’s possible to rent a car in Fagernes, a bus ride south of Beitostølen. Then you could drive to Flåm, take the train up and back, and drive back to Fagernes.

      Hope that helps!


      • Tami Stagman

        I have exact dates now, Mon, March 11th to Tues, March 12th. Yes renting a car in Fagernes seems like a better idea and then finding a place to stay one night in Flam and driving back to Fagernes on Tuesday. I am have having trouble finding the bus schedule from Beitostolen to Fagnernes for times and cost and then again on Tuesday afternoon, how late does the bus go back to Beitostolen? How is the Winter driving from Fagernes to Flam? Figuring out these logistics is hard and do I need to buy advance bus tickets? There will be 2 of us traveling, maybe 4. Any more help you can give me would be much appreciated.
        Thanks, Tami

        • Aaron Beaton

          Hi Tami, sorry for the delay, I only just saw your reply.

          You can check bus schedules and book tickets on

          The latest bus back to Beitostølen is 10:10 p.m. on Tuesday. You probably don’t need to book in advance, but do it if you know which buses you will take since it’s cheaper.

          The roads are looking OK at the moment but you can check webcams along the route on

          Let me know if there’s anything else.


  4. Viral Shah

    Dear Nadia

    I found your blog very helpful. I only had one question – in case I am renting a car from Bergen, can the entire Flam railway experience be replicated while driving on the same / similar route?


    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Viral,

      No it’s not possible to drive along the Flåm railway route. You either need to take the train, or hike or bike down.

      If you’re renting a car, then I’d recommend leaving it in Flåm and taking the train up and down. Or, take the train up and hike/bike down.

      I hope that helps.


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