The tiny but action-packed village of Beitostølen is easily accessible by both bus and car throughout the year. Buses run to Beitostølen from Oslo, Bergen, and Lillehammer. There are no flights to Beitostølen. The nearest major airport is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (OSL) which offers direct bus connections and car rental.

The major bus route to Beitostølen runs under the name Valdresekspressen and is operated by NOR‑WAY Bussekspress. The buses often correspond with further transport options which can make your journey a lot of fun. For example, in the summer season you can connect to the boat M/B Bitihorn which travels between Eidsbugarden and Bygdin. In the winter season you can transfer to a snowcoach for a completely different way of travel between Tyin and Eidsbugarden. Alternatively, jump on another bus to Oslo, Bergen, Flåm, Voss or Lillehammer.

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Snowcoach driving through the snow
Crank up the excitement on your wintertime trip to Beitostølen with a ride in a snowcoach. Photo:

Oslo to Beitostølen

Beitostølen is just 225 km from Oslo city. Buses run between Beitostølen and Oslo several times daily on route NW161 and the journey takes around 4 hours.

Driving yourself to Beitostølen from Oslo takes around 3.5 hours

Oslo Airport to Beitostølen

Beitostølen is also connected to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen by bus. The route NW163 takes just over 4 hours and runs daily in the evenings from the airport to Beitostølen (on Saturdays it only runs in the winter season). The return trip from Beitstølen to the airport runs only on Friday and Sunday mornings (plus Saturday mornings in the winter season).

Driving to Beitostølen from Oslo Airport takes 3–3.5 hours.

Valdresekspressen bus
The Valdresekspressen bus is the easiest way to Beitostølen. Photo:

Bergen to Beitostølen

Beitostølen is a 320 km drive from Bergen. On public transport the journey takes 8 hours and requires a transfer. Bus route NW162 Øst-VestXpressen leaves from Bergen in the morning, arriving in Fagernes 6 hours later. From Fagernes, the corresponding NW161 completes the 45 minute journey to Beitostølen.

If you have car, expect the drive to Beitostølen from Bergen to take at least 5 hours.

Lillehammer to Beitostølen

Beitostølen is 150 km from Lillehammer, a little longer than it seems because you need to travel around the mountains. The NW162 Øst-VestXpressen bus from Lillehammer to Beitostølen takes just over 3 hours including a change in Fagernes. Departing Lillehammer in the morning, the bus arrives in Fagernes about 2.5 hours later where there is a connecting NW161 bus to Beitostølen.

Driving from Lillehammer to Beitostølen takes around 2.5 hours.

Enjoy Beitostølen!

However you choose to get to Beitostølen, there will be an array of amazing outdoor adventures waiting for you, from skiing to hiking and husky dog sled tours to horseback riding. Check out our recommended adventures in both winter and summer for more about this magical destination.

Cover photo: Jan-Tore Egge

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