All across Norway, you will find cabins where it is possible to stay a night or more for a fairly cheap price. The Norwegian Trekking Association(DNT) is Norway’s largest outdoor activity organization. DNT has more than 500 cabins that you can access, some high up in the mountains like Litlos, others down in the forest like Sørmyrseter, and some that are worth a visit just because of the sheer beauty of the cabin itself like Skåpet.

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There are three types of cabins that you have access to:

No-service cabins: where you need a key and you also need to bring your own food and sleeping bag. Everything else like cooking utensils and firewood can be found in the cabin.

Self-service cabins: basically the same as the “no-service cabins” except in these cabins you will find food that you can purchase. The food you will find here is normally canned food, spreads, and crisp bread. The selection will vary among the different cabins.

Staffed lodges: where you can get a cooked meal and breakfast. Most of them also have showers and electricity. Staffed lodges are open all summer and often close during parts of the winter season. Check out where you can find the opening hours of all the cabins.

No-service and self-service cabins are usually open all year round, but you need a key to access them.

Yksendalsbu (Photo by: Hallgrim Rogn)

To get a key, you need to become a member of DNT. So head on over to their site and register as a member there. The normal price for a 1-year membership is 680 NOK per person, but there are discounted prices for families and children.

Once you have become a member, you can borrow a key and keep it for as long as you are a member. The key can be picked up at staffed lodges or any DNT member association office. In Oslo, you will find the DNT office downtown at Storgata 3. There are also some other places around the country you can get the key. See the full list of these locations on this site.


  • Do I have to reserve the cabin in advance?
    • For almost all of the no-service and self-service cabins, you do not have to make a reservation. There are some cabins around Oslo that need a reservation though. As for staffed lodges, you don’t need to make a reservation, but it is recommended that you do so.
  • How much do they usually cost?
    • The cabins cost from 100 NOK to 800 NOK per person per night. No-service cabins are of course the cheapest ones.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    • Some of the cabins allow you to bring your dog, some don’t. Check for details on your cabin.
  • I have more questions.
    • Head over to the DNT site to see if you can find an answer to your question there or leave a comment below.


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