The Rallarvegen bike route is an 80 km road leading from the mountains to the fjords along the Bergensbanen and Flåmsbanen railway lines. Rallarvegen begins in Haugastøl and finishes in Flåm, but it is most common to begin from Finse (53 km) or Myrdal (17 km). This historic route is not only a spectacular bike ride, taking in stunning mountain and fjord landscapes, but also a journey through history.

What is Rallarvegen?

Rallarvegen is a transport road built to support the construction of the Bergensbanen railway, which connects Oslo and Bergen in southern Norway. Between the two cities lies a large mountain range and enormous resources were required to build the crossing. Roads were laid up and across the mountains from Voss, Flåm, and Geilo along the path that the railway would follow. This allowed goods and manpower to be transported from major roads and the sea to the high mountains.

Today these roads make up the Rallarvegen bike route and allow riders to experience this impressive engineering feat first-hand. Traditional railway caretaker’s cabins line the road and provide an insight into working life high in the mountains. The nature and landscape is stunning and varied with wildflowers, rivers, deep valleys and waterfalls. First opened as a cycle route in 1974, Rallarvegen now sees around 25,000 riders annually.

A journey on Rallarvegen usually begins with a ride on the Bergensbanen railway from either Bergen or Oslo to your chosen starting point. Additionally, a ride through the 20 tunnels of the 20 km long Flåmsbanen railway is an adventure itself. Connecting Flåm to Myrdal and the Bergensbanen it is the steepest railway in Northern Europe with a change in elevation of 865 metres.

Watch the video for a taste of Rallarvegen:



Conveniently split into different sections corresponding with the train stations, Rallarvegen is accessible to riders of varying levels and ambition. You can bring your own bike or rent one at any of the typical starting points along the route.

The full Rallarvegen bike route begins at the Haugastøl Turistsenter and follows the Bergensbanen railway to Finse, Hallingskeid and Myrdal before turning north and descending alongside the Flåmsbanen railway to Flåm. This route starts at 1,000 m.a.s.l. in Haugastøl, climbs to 1,340 m.a.s.l. and finishes at sea level.

  • Haugastøl to Finse: 4 hours (27 km)
  • Finse to Hallingskeid: 3 hours (21 km)
  • Hallingskeid to Vatnahalsen/Myrdal: 5 hours (17/19 km)
  • Vatnahalsen/Myrdal to Flåm: 2 hours (15/17 km)

Cycling the entire route (80 km) is usually completed over two days, with a night in Finse. One day adventures usually start in Finse (53 km) or Myrdal (17 km). It is also possible to continue following the Bergensbanen railway on the alternative route from Myrdal to Voss.



The season for cycling Rallarvegen is rather short, typically from July through September. The limited season is due to the high altitude of the road and snow along the way. The first sections that become accessible are Haugastøl to Finse and Hallingskeid to Flåm. Even once the road from Finse opens, it’s often necessary early in the season to walk the bike through snow patches.

Rallarvegen is at its busiest during July and August, as well as weekends in September. As the locals head back to work and school towards the end of August the weekdays become quieter on the road. In September the beautiful autumn colors fill the landscape.


At either end of Rallarvegen you’ll find even more adventures including hiking the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, kayaking in world heritage listed fjords and walking through the famous Aurlandsdalen.

Rallarvegen in One Day

The popular route from Finse to Flåm (53 km) can be completed in one day. It is a beautiful route that provides a true taste of Norway by beginning in the mountains and descending to the fjords. The route requires average fitness can take up to 7 hours with frequent stops to enjoy the views. For a shorter ride (17 km) you can begin at Myrdal.

Starting at Finse, the terrain is flat and easy, with Hardangerjøkulen glacier to the south and Hallingskarvet mountain range to the north. Be sure to keep an eye out for the wild reindeer which live in the area. The road climbs, and after around 10 km you will reach Fagernut, the highest point of the journey at 1,343 m.a.s.l. Here you can take a break at the Rallar Café, located in a restored caretaker’s cabin, for coffee and waffles (cash only).

From Fagernut the road continues to Hallingskeid at 1,000 m.a.s.l. Some parts are rocky and a bit steep and some extra care is required. The privately-owned Grjotrust caretaker’s cabin is stunningly designed and located. Refill your water bottle from the fast-moving streams or rivers for beautiful fresh water. The beautiful Kleivabrua bridge is a perfect photo opportunity.

Once you reach the end of Lake Klevavatnet the road begins to descend. Take your time and stop to enjoy the scenic waterfalls and valleys. The road carries on along a narrow shelf and it is recommended to walk your bike. Continuing on your way to Vatnahalsen, you will pass by Seltuft, where you can see traces from the stone age.

Photo: Jan Egil Jægersborg

At Vatnahalsen you will find the Vatnahalsen hotel and a fork in the road. This is the point where the road connects to Myrdal station, 2 km away. Cyclists coming from Myrdal will join the road here and those taking alternative route to Voss should cycle towards Myrdal. For those heading to Flåm, this is where the real fun begins.

Descending from over 800 m.a.s.l., you will need to be heavy on the brakes as you twist and turn through 21 hairpin turns down to Kårdal, the highest farm in Flåmsdalen. You may wish to walk parts of this stretch as the road is steep and narrow and has views you simply won’t want to miss. After the descent you’ll pass Rallarrosa stølsysteri, a farm where you can stop for a break and taste local cheeses. From here you will follow the Flåmselvi river through the valley all the way down to Flåm. There are a lot of natural wonders in the valley, including the impressive Rjoandefossen waterfall. Towards the end you’ll join the public road and cruise down into Flåm.

Flåm is a popular destination in it’s own right and is stunningly located at the tip of the Aurlandfjord. The Viking inspired Ægir Brewpub is the perfect spot for a hearty meal and beer after a long day in the saddle. There are plenty of accommodation options ranging from high-end historic hotels to campgrounds.

Due to the change in altitude you will face very different conditions at the start and of the route. It may be well below 8°C in Finse, but by the time you reach Flåm the temperature can be over 20°C. You should have wind and waterproof clothing as well as waterproof shoes. The options to purchase food on the route are limited so be sure to pack plenty. Streams and rivers provide some of the freshest drinking water you’ll ever taste.

Alternative Route

The road to Flåm is technically a branch route. An alternative is to continue on the ‘core’ route to Voss.

Once you reach Vatnahalsen, instead of heading downhill towards Flåm, cycle 2 km on to Myrdal. From there you can take the local train for 5 minutes to Upsete before joining the 43 km route to Voss. There is a serviced cabin close to Upsete station and a youth hostel 6 km further along the trail where you can spend the night before the final ride to Voss.

Photo: Jan Egil Jægersborg

Rallarvegen Bike Rental

The simplest option for cycling Rallarvegen is to rent a bike from your chosen starting point. Bikes can (and should) be booked online in advance. This way you avoid the hassle and cost of taking your own bike on the train. The bikes available for rent are of a high standard and the rental companies have made it easy to drop off your bike when you’re done, whether that’s in Finse, Myrdal or Flåm.

Rental companies

  • Haugastøl Turistsenter, located a 15 minute walk west along the highway from the Haugastøl train station. You can also book bikes for pickup in Finse. From NOK 580 for 1-2 days.
  • Sykkel 1222, at the eastern end of the train platform in Finse. NOK 730 until 12 noon the following day.
  • Café Rallaren, on the train platform in Myrdal. NOK 350 for 1 day.

It is important to note that the rental companies at Haugastøl and Finse will not rent helmets. You must either buy one or bring your own. Helmets can be purchased for NOK 399 at Haugastøl Turistsenter.

If you are arriving with more than luggage than you wish to cycle with, you can transport it on the train. Order at the Finse 1222 reception before 10 a.m. for same day transport.

If you do chose to bring your own bike, ensure that it is suitable for rough and steep gravel roads with wide tires and excellent brakes. Remember your repair kit for any punctures. If you’re missing something, the Haugastøl Turistsenter stocks almost anything you might need for the ride.

Rallarvegen Train Tickets

It’s perhaps no surprise that the best way to reach Haugastøl, Finse, or Myrdal is by train. Direct trains run several times per day between Oslo and Bergen, in both directions. Tickets should be purchased online in advance in order to secure both your desired departure and the best prices. Keep an eye out for tickets labelled “Mini price” which are the most affordable.

Buy train tickets at →

If you are considering bringing your own bike on the Bergensbanen railway you must pre-book a ticket for the bike as well. In the summer months there are certain trains that have a dedicated bicycle wagon (and therefore more capacity). The price for a bicycle ticket during summer is NOK 195. To book the ticket, simply add a bicycle when selecting the travellers for the journey. You will receive a PDF which you should print and attach to your bike for the journey. You are expected to load and unload the bike yourself. For the Flåmsbanen railway, it is not possible to reserve a place for bikes. Since there is limited space and many rental bikes are also being transported, deliver your bike to the station as soon as possible.

Rallarvegen Hotel & Bike Package

Do you fancy the “luxury” Rallarvegen experience?

Finse 1222 and Fretheim Hotel, two historic local hotels, offer a full Rallarvegen package which includes accommodation, meals, bike rental, and luggage transportation.

  • One night’s accommodation in Finse at Finse 1222
  • One night’s accommodation in Flåm at Fretheim Hotel
  • Bike rental
  • Luggage transportation
  • Two buffet breakfasts
  • Two dinners
  • One picnic lunch
  • One after-bike menu with local beers and snacks

Price: NOK 4,790 per person

Book with De Historiske →

Rallarvegen Map

Open the Rallarvegen adventure in the Outtt app and follow the trail. You can download topographic maps for offline access as well as find over 1,000 more adventures around Norway.


  1. Richard Irving Preus

    Greetings from Auburn, Alabama, USA!
    At what point does the bike trail become downhill only?
    And can a bike be rented at that point?
    Are helmets required?
    Thank you very much!

    Richard Irving Preus

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Richard, for a downhill-only ride start in Myrdal. You can rent bikes there from Café Rallaren at the train station. Helmets are recommended (some parts are steep) and they should rent them with the bikes in Myrdal.

  2. We would like to do this ride in mid June 2019. Is that too early? We would also need luggage transport from Finse to Flam. Are there operators who do this that early in the season?
    Thanks for the help!!

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Teri, the last section from Myrdal to Flåm should be open in June. Café Rallaren at the Myrdal train station rents bikes from the first of June. It’s most like too early to ride from Finse though.

  3. What degree is the steepest incline up and down on this trail and where along the route

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Kathy, I’m not sure of the exact degrees, but the section from Myrdal to Flåm has the steepest incline down. More specifically, it’s at the start of that section. If you feel it’s too steep (because it’s windy as well), you can hop off and walk your bike. There are walkers on the trail too, so it’s fine. Here is a rough elevation chart. The trail is mostly downhill, so there are not many significant uphill sections.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Alison Manwiller

    We will arrive in Flåm, from Bergen by car, and from there driving on to Stryn.
    Is it possible to rent bicycles in Flåm, take the train with bikes to Myrdal, return cycle to Flåm?
    Is the scenery on this route as beautiful as some of the photos on this page?
    I am guessing the trail would not be one that’s safe for a two year old child, riding in a seat….correct?
    Any additional insights you might offer for us?
    Thank you!

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Alison,

      You can rent the bikes at the station in Myrdal. So you can take the train up, rent the bikes, ride down, and leave them by the station in Flåm.

      Some of the pictures on this post are from the section between Finse and Myrdal. If you watch the video, the footage from about the 30 second mark is the section from Myrdal to Flåm.

      It’s obviously up to you to decide what’s safe, but the start of that section is quite steep with hairpin turns, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it with a small child. Some people choose to walk their bikes for certain parts.

      If you’re going in high season in July and August it is smart to book your train tickets and bike rental online in advance.

      Hope that helps!


  5. Hi! Will the route from Finse to Flam be accessible in mid May?

  6. Is it possible to rent a bike for the whole of the trip or do you need to return it to where you rented it from?

    Just been skiing this route and would love to see it in the summer.

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Yolanda, you do not need to return the bike. There are drop-off areas in Flåm where you can leave the bike once you’re finished.


  7. Hi,
    My husband and I would like to do as much of the route as possible. We’d be starting in late May. What part of the route (if any) is open by then and accessible to bike through?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Amy! Late May is quite early in the season, so I would anticipate that most of the route will still be covered in snow. The section from Myrdal to Flåm should be clear though. Check out the conditions report for the latest updates (Norwegian only, so some Google Translating required). If you have any troubles just get in touch.


  8. Chelsea Meloche


    We will be taking the Flam railway up to Mydral on May 28th. I do a lot of snow biking and mountain biking, I am not worried about the trail and we could even walk our bike for parts that may not be as bike friendly. I am wondering, how can we even get a bike up to Mydral if the cafe does not rent them out until June 1st?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Chelsea! According the latest Rallarvegen report, bike rental is currently available in Flåm everyday from 9am-5pm. You can then take the bikes with you on the train. The office is between the train station and the Fretheim hotel.


  9. brigitte coppens

    Hello. Begin July we stay in Flam. I see that most train tickets Flam-Myrdal are already sold out. Even I do not like overcrowded trains. So I like to make the trip by bike from Flam to the goat farm Rallarrosa Stollsysteri. From this farm we will return to Flam by bike again. So the last 2 kms with the curved and steepest road to Myrdal I do not bike. I like to ask you if the first 17 km from Flam to the goat farm are very tough uphill or is it possible to bike it without being a sportsman (woman). Thank you Best regards Brigitte

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Brigitte! That sounds like a good plan 🙂 It is uphill (you will go from sea level to 500 meters above sea level), but not terribly steep. If you have plenty of time and take breaks I think you will be fine.

      Also, I think it’s now possible to rent electric bikes from Flåm, which would make it a nice and relaxing ride.


  10. Stephen ulrich

    So, it seems that starting from myrdal is shorter, doesn’t include a climb and also cheaper (the bike rentals there seem cheaper). Do they also rent helmets in myrdal, and for how much:)? We woud not like to buy one or carry one with us. Also, is there a train from finse to myrdal?
    Thank you:)

    • Aaron Beaton


      Yes Cafe Rallaren at Myrdal station rents helmets with the bikes and it’s included in the price.

      There is a train from Finse to Myrdal. That stretch is part of the Oslo-Bergen line and it takes about 25 minutes.


      • Stephen Ulrich

        And would you say someone who starts from myrdal would miss stuff that should not be missed?

        • Aaron Beaton

          Hi Stephen, if you have the option to start in Finse we’d strongly recommend that. That’s the full Rallarvegen experience, cycling on a trail through the mountains, before descending down to sea level.

          Starting in Myrdal is a good option if you’re looking for a short activity out of Flåm or don’t think you can manage a full day on a bike.


  11. i am planning to do finse – flam early september 2019.
    will it be rainy and cold?
    are there steep climbs from finse to myrdal?
    And with frequent stops for pics or rate of 5-10 km/hr how long do you think will the bike ride be? we’d like to be able to leave flam and catch the 6 pm train from myrdal to stavanger; what time should we start the bike ride from finse?
    you say we can transport luggage from finse in train…up to myrdal or flam? will they keep it in train station for us to pick up after the bike ride?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Vanessa,

      It could be rainy and cold, or it could be nice. It’s very hard to predict. Regardless, even on a nice day it might only reach 10°C in Finse so prepare for a chilly start.

      There are no terribly long, steep climbs and after the first 10 kilometres it’s mostly downhill. The trail isn’t always the best, so that might slow you down a bit.

      I think if you leave Finse after breakfast you should be fine to make the train. Of course I can’t tell you for sure though. Are you planning on taking the train from Flåm back up to Myrdal? If so, consider booking that in advance.

      They will transport your luggage to Myrdal or Flåm, just ask at Finse 1222. They keep it at the train station for you to pick up.

      Hope that helps!


  12. Thank you Aaron,
    That was some good piece of information. Our plan is to hire a bike from finse and bike all the way to flåm and from flåm we are taking a train to Oslo.
    We have booked our accomodation at Ørneberget. Is it better to bike from Finse to Ørneberget, stay there and proceed to Flåm the next day.
    If Yes what’s the best route for the above plan?

    • Aaron Beaton


      You could cycle from Finse to Myrdal, take the local train from Myrdal to Uppsete, and then continue to cycle to Ørneberget. The next morning you could travel back to Myrdal and then cycle down to Flåm. If you rent bikes in Finse, they need to be returned in Flåm by 12pm the next day.

      Most people cycle from Finse to Flåm in one day. You could also do that, then take the Flåmsbana railway back up to Myrdal and the local train to Ørneberget. The next day you could take the train to Oslo.

      Hope that helps!


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