A Via Ferrata is a series of steel ladders, cables, and bridges that are bolted into mountain rocks that enable climbers to access the otherwise inaccessible (well, unless you’re an extremely skilled rock climber). No matter which Via Ferrata route you embark on, you’re bound to get views from a totally new perspective. 

Globally, there are more than 1,000 Via Ferrata climbing routes, with the tallest on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia at an astonishing 3,800 meters! Via Ferratas are a must for anyone seeking an adrenaline rush and challenge and it does even not require previous climbing experience.

In recent years, there’s been a large increase in Via Ferratas in Norway. If you’re new to the activity, it’s a good idea to take your first trip with a guide. If you’re a bit more experienced and prefer going without a guide, you have two options: The first is renting equipment from a guiding company, then paying a small voluntary fee to access the route. The second option is simply paying the voluntary fee if you already own equipment. We’ve compiled some of the best Via Ferrata routes in Norway. Which routes have you tried? 

4 Best Routes in Norway

What makes these routes better than the rest? Awesome views, challenges, and an overall excellent experience.

Via Ferrata Loen with Loen Active

This route is by far one of the best in Norway. It is situated in Loen, the heart of Fjord Norway, and it is surrounded by an abundance of fjords, glaciers, and mountains. The Via Ferrata Loen route has the longest suspension bridge, called Gjømmunnebrua, in Europe, and is an astonishing 120 meters long! Another bridge on the route is 36 meters long and is called “Gjølmunne”. You’ll complete the route when you reach the top of Mount Hoven, 1,011 m.a.s.l, where you can relax a while before descending on the cable car, Loen Skylift. 

  • Season: Departures: 1 May – 1 November.  
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • Audience: 12 years old and above
  • Price: Youth (12-15): 1,165 NOK, Adult: 1,310 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide, safety equipment, and a return ticket with Loen Skylift

Book with Loen Active.

Trolltunga Via Ferrata with Trolltunga Active

Photo: Trolltunga Active

Prepare yourself for a seriously epic adventure of climbing, cycling, and hiking. Not only will you climb a Via Ferrata to the top of one of Norway’s most spectacular and iconic cliffs, Trolltungabut you will also enjoy a bike ride along Ringedalen Lake before hiking to the start of the Trolltunga Via Ferrata, the newest Via Ferrata in Norway. The journey doesn’t stop when you summit Trolltunga. From there, you’ll hike towards Tyssehylen Lake and then to a 300-meter twin-waterfall called Tyssestrengene, before descending off the mountain on the Trolltunga hiking trail. 

  • Season: 1 June-28 October
  • Departures: Upon request. Minimum of 2 people per guided adventure is required. An informational meeting will be held at 21:00 the night before your trip.  Book in advance.
  • Duration: 8-12 hours
  • Audience: 15 years old and above
  • Price: 1,450 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide, safety equipment, and bicycle/ helmet

Check availability on Get Your Guide.

Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata with Norsk Tindesenter

Photo: Matti Bernitzt/ Norsk Tindesenter

Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata is nestled in the spectacular Romsdalsfjellene Mountains in the Western Norway town of Åndalsnes. While climbing you’ll get views of the Romsdal Fjord and the Romsdalen Valley below. Choose between two different walls, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself. The Intro Wall does not require any previous experience and takes only 3-4 hours to climb. While the second option, The West Wall, is much more depending, yet rewarding. On the West Wall, you’ll summit Mount Nesaksla, where you’ll get 360 degree views of the entire valley below and trek across a suspension bridge. You will also have the opportunity to stand on a viewing platform called Rampestreken, at 550 m.a.s.l.! No matter which wall you decide to climb, you’ll get an adrenaline rush no matter what! 

  • Season: 1 May – 31 October
  • Departures: 10:00 daily
  • Duration: 3-4 hours (Intro Wall); 5-6 hours (West Wall)
  • Audience: 12 years old and above (Intro Wall); 16 years old and above (West Wall). Both walls require participants to weigh between 40 kg and 120 kg.
  • Price: 990 NOK (Intro Wall); 1,490 NOK (West Wall) 
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment

Check availability for the Intro Wall.

Via Ferrata Straumsfjell with Helle Camping

Photo: Geir Harald Lervik

The Via Ferrata Straumsfjell, which is also called Via Ferrata Setesdal or Via Ferrata in Valle, is deemed Northern Europe’s longest and toughest Via Ferrata. It’s very difficult but the view only gets better as in you increase in altitude. The views of the beautiful 210-kilometer long Setesdalen valley and the Otra river, the largest river in the region, makes the challenge worth it. The route is a total of 1.5 km while attached to the cable, and another 1.0 km of hiking. You’ll increase your altitude by 550 m.a.s.l. on your way to reaching the top of Mount Straumsfjellet, located at 797 m.a.s.l. 

  • Season: 17 May – 30 September
  • Departures: 8:30 and 9:30 daily. Book before 17:00 the day prior to departure.
  • Duration: 5-8 hours
  • Audience: 12 years old and above. Between 40 – 120 kg.
  • Price: Child (12-16): 950 NOK; Adult: 1250 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment  

Book with Helle Camping.

Other routes in Norway

Via Ferrata in Hemsedal with Hemsedal Fjellsport

Photo: Rune Abrahamsen/Hemsedal Fjellsport

The Via Ferrata in Hemsedal is located conveniently between Oslo, Bergen, and Jotunheimen National Park. From the route, you’ll get incredible views of the nearby ski resort, the surrounding mountains, and also beautiful lakes. After a short hike, there are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from to reach the top of Vesle Røgjin, 1,260 m.a.s.l. If the cold doesn’t scare you, climbing this route in the winter is also a possibility!

  • Season: Year-round
  • Departures: Regularly scheduled guided tours are: 5 June – 18 August: Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 14:00 25 August – 13 October: Saturday at 14.00. Other tour times on request. Book before 15:00 the day prior to departure.
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Audience: 12 years old and above
  • Price: 650 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment

Synshorn Via Ferrata

Photo: Tor Erik Grønolen

Located on Mount Synshorn in Jotunheimen National Park, the Synshorn Via Ferrata is a rather easy route. You’ll get breathtaking views of Lake Bygdin and Lake Vinster while dangling from the steep rocks and navigating the narrow crevices of the mountain. There are a few places on the route where can sit down and enjoy the view of the towns of Beitostølen and Vang in Valdres. The mountain is located at 1,475 m.a.s.l., can also be easily hiked. The area and mountain have significantly increased in popularity since the Via Ferrata was constructed in 2015, so make sure to go early or on a weekday to avoid large amounts of people. 

  • Season: 2 June – 7 October
  • Departures: Various daily departures. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule, email info@synshorn.no.
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Audience: 14 years old and above
  • Price: 850 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment

Via Ferrata Tjøme with Aktiv Fritid

Photo: Via Ferrata Tjøme

Via Ferrata Tjøme in Vestfold is an ideal getaway from the capital of Oslo. It is only 2 hours south of the city and 30 minutes from Tønsberg. While climbing the mountain, you’ll get nice views of the archipelago of Færder National Park. There are multiple routes to choose from depending on how much you would like to be challenged. After balancing, climbing over rocks and on ladders, and traversing canyons, you’ll finish off the adventure with a total adrenaline-packed zipline. After four hours of intense athletic fun, take a dip in the fjord, located only a few meters from the endpoint, to cool off.

  • Season: 12 May – 27 October; Every Saturday
  • Departures: 10:00. Booking must be done at 16:00 the previous day.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Audience: 12-14 years old and above. Age minimum is dependent on how able the child is able to keep up with the group.
  • Price: 695 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment

Herdla Via-Ferrata with Gone Paddling

Photo: Gone Paddling
  • Season: 1 May – 30 September
  • Departures: Daily departures at 10:30. If you take the provided transportation from Bergen city center, the bus leaves at 9:30
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Audience: 7 years old and at least 140 cm.
  • Price: Child (7-14): 800 NOK; Adult: 1,050 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide, safety equipment, transportation, and lunch

Many Via Ferratas are located with water in the distance, but while traversing the Herdla Via Ferrata you can actually climb along the bay and can even take a dip into the sea if desired. The route is located about an hour from Bergen, near the Herdla Fort, a coastal fort used by German defense forces during WWII. Aside from the usual metal ropes, bridges, and ladders in most Via Ferratas, this Via Ferrata is a bit of a hybrid between a military training camp with opportunities to climb up a net and even a enjoy a zipline. During the lunch break you may even see eagles or some of the more than 240 different bird species discovered in the area.

View current prices and availability

Munkstigen Via Ferrata with Hindrum Fjordsenter

Photo: Ingerid Elise

About an hour from Trondheim via ferry, Munkstigen Via Ferrata is the 950-meter long route that overlooks Trondheim fjord, Trondheim city, and beyond. The route covers a variety of difficulty but you will have the opportunity to rest along the way. After scaling the steepest section, the remaining part of the route requires some hiking through narrow passages and climbing above the tree-line. You’re in for a challenge but also a blast!

  • Season: 13 May – 1 October
  • Departures: Departures are upon request. Booking is required at least 24 hours in advance. Email post@munkstigen.no, call 41339518 (10:00-17:00), or text 41339518.
  • Duration: 3-5 hours
  • Audience: 7 years old and above as well as at least 135 cm. Children under 12 years old are required to be accompanied by an adult the entire trip, and teens 18 years old or younger require a guardian-signed waiver.
  • Price: 1-9 participants 300 NOK each, 10+ participants 250 NOK each, student 250 NOK. If you would like to hire a guide, the first 4 hours is 1,000 NOK with each additional hour 250 NOK.
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment

Via Ferrata Brokke with Helle Camping

Photo: Julie Olsen

Via Ferrata Brokke, sometimes known as Via Ferrata in Løfjallet, is also operated by Helle Camping, but it is much more suitable and is a lot less steep than Via Ferrata Straumsfjell. The route is ideal for beginners and children, and it is roughly 500 meters long. It reaches the top of Mount Løefjell, 934 m.a.s.l., overlooking the Brokke Alpine Center and the Setesdal Valley. Make sure to bring your swimsuit to take a quick dip in the small lake located 100 meters from the top of the mountain.

  • Season: 1 June – 30 September
  • Departures: 11:00 daily. Book before 17:00 the day prior to departure.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Audience: 10 years old and above. Between 40 – 120 kg.
  • Price: 750 NOK
  • What’s Included: experienced guide and safety equipment  

Do you have any questions about planning a Via Ferrata adventure in Norway? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on outtt.com.


  1. Is it possible to do the trolltunga route May 13th 2019?

  2. Is it possible to do the trolltunga via ferrata without a guide on May 24? Just to rent the equipment and bikes?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Carlos, yes it is possible if you have climbing experience. Just contact Trolltunga Active and they can help you out!


  3. Igors Makarenkovs

    Good day. Is the tour guide obligatory?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Igors, no a tour guide is not always required. If you have experience you can usually rent the equipment and climb on your own.


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