The Norwegian scenic route Valdresflya is a beautiful stretch of highway along Road 51 in Norway, between Beitostølen and Hindsæter in Vågå. It is one of the highest mountain passes in Northern Europe, and probably a heavyweight contender for the most breathtaking drive of your life.

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From Valdresflye you can easily enter Jotunheimen, Norway’s biggest National Park which is home to signature adventures like Besseggen.

Bitihorn mountain in Jotunheimen
Bitihorn is one of the many great adventures along Valdresflya

Planning the journey
The mountain road Valdresflya is a 49 km long entry point to a massive number of hikes and mountains. You could easily spend weeks in the area exploring new trails every day. 4 days will still give you the freedom to park your car and get off the beaten track.

The main entry point to Valdresflya is Beitostølen. A nicely situated mountain village at the foot of the mountain Bitihorn. Beitostølen is one of Norway’s most popular winter destinations and you could easily find places to stay. Hotels, Airbnb listings, or cabins can be booked or rented all year around.

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Beito Husky Tours is one of several guide companies in the region. If you are looking for a unique husky experience surrounded by Norwegian mountains you should book your adventure today. Dog sledding is available both in the summertime and wintertime.

Dog sledding by cart is a great activity at Valdresflya in the summertime

Driving over Valdresflya gives you access to a wide range of activities and hikes. Book a guided climb at Synshorn via ferrata, or take the boat M/B Bitihorn at Lake Bygdin to the famous mountain lodge, Fondsbu, at Eidsbugarden.

The top of Valdresflya has a wide view and you can easily park your car and start your own adventure. From the road, you could reach one of the many mountains over 2000 meters or take a walk along one of the many trails taking you through the vast landscape.

As soon as you start the descent toward Gjendesheim you get a wide view over Knutshøe and Besseggen. You will get the perfect view over the characteristic green lake Gjende from both of them. Both hikes can be challenging if you are afraid of heights, but there are no dangerous ridges or climbs along the route. Soak in the fresh air and the wide view over Jotunheimen. Starting the day with a boat trip crossing the lake Gjende to reach the starting point of Besseggen is probably one of the best ways to start the day and a 6-hour hike. You will def not regret it.

Back at Gjende after hiking Besseggen, Marius Haugaløkken (manager at Gjendesheim) wishes you welcome to his mountain lodge. The combination of an early morning boat trip and a great hike ending with a perfect dinner made of local ingredients is probably why Businessinsider picked Gjendesheim as one of “100 trips everyone should take in their lifetime”.

Keep in mind
Valdresflya is usually closed from November to end of May due to 4 – 8 meters of snow. March, April, and May are ideal months for ski touring as long as the road is open.

When the snow has melted it turns into a welcoming mountain plateau ideal for hiking. The driving experience in the beginning of May is an adventure in itself as you are driving between 8 meter-tall snow embankments.


  • Entrance: Free
  • Parking: Free
  • Accommodation: From 140 – 2000 NOK/person per night, dependent on if you bring a tent or choose one of the better hotels along the road.

Adventures along the route
Valdresflya contains a massive number of adventures. From glacier hikes, climbing though ridges, to easy hikes with great views. When planning the activities make sure to put down some of your main goals.

  • Take a dive in a freezing Norwegian lake
  • Visit a real “Norsk” Mountain Farm
  • Enjoy the perfect view over Jotunheimen National Park
  • Experience a real glacier hike
  • End the adventure at one of the best mountain lodges in Norway

What to bring


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