Cycling the entire Mjølkevegen route is something you will never forget, however, the route is quite long and can be difficult at times. So, If you want to experience Mjølkevegen but you are looking for an easier option, then we have a solution for you. Stay at Vaset for 3-4 days and participate in daily adventures along the Mjølkevegen route. This is also the best option for experiencing Mjølkevegen with small kids.

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Vaset is located in the Vestre Slidre municipality, approximately 18 kilometers northwest of Fagernes regional center and 200 km from Oslo. Getting to Vaset by public transport is difficult so it is recommended that you go there by car.

Choose between staying at Vasetstølen or Gomobu Fjellstue. Vasetstølen has cabins you can rent and Gomobu has both cabins and typical hotel accommodations. Both options will welcome you with a combination of great food, warm hospitality and above all, a memorable experience.

You can rent bikes to use for your adventure at the local sporting goods store, Intersport. Children’s bikes and bike buggies can also be rented at Gomobu.

Vaset has numerous good options for biking. Ask for good advice on where to go around Vasetstølen or Gomobu or check out one of the adventures below. Be sure to download the Outtt app where you can download the adventure and the maps for offline use.

1. Vasetvatnet

This round trip around Vasetvatnet is a perfect introduction to the Vaset area and what to expect along the Mjølkevegen route. You will bike through a landscape of Norwegian mountain farms full of grazing sheeps and cows.

Distance: 10.8 km
Difficulty: Easy

2. Vaset to Syndin Round Trip

This round trip is longer than the one around Vasetvatnet. It takes you deep into the Vaset area with lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Nearly half of this entire adventure goes along the Mjølkevegen route so you will get a good feeling for what Mjølkevegen really is.

Distance: 51.3 km
Difficulty: Medium


3. Nøsakampen

If you want to get some great views of the Vaset area then Nøsakampen is a perfect little peak to visit. The hike up is not particularly hard so even small kids are able to hike this mountain.

Distance: 3.2 km
Difficulty: Medium


4. Zip-line

Vaset has it’s very own zip-line. This is the perfect place to visit on a day when the kids want to do something else than biking or hiking. The zip-line is open for kids (8 years and above) and adults, and costs 350 NOK for 3.5 hours of fun.


5. Moose Safari

If you want to experience something totally different then you should check out this Moose Safari. This tour will teach you all you need to know about the mountain area and the plants and animals that live there. The guide will help you find a great spot to view the moose when they usually appear around dusk.


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