Vang offers accommodation options for everything from hotels to simple cabins to mountain lodges.

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Filefjellstuene Mountain Lodge has a central position at the Tyin-Filefjell ski resort. Also, Tyinkrysset fjellstue and Airbnb are good options in this area. Bigger groups can book the cheaper alternatives of Gamlestøga or Kyrkjestølen which have a simple feel but they are both very cozy.


Eidsbugarden Hotel, Fondsbu Turisthytte, and Tyinholmen Høyfjellstuer are the accommodation options in this part of Jotunheimen.

Sørre Hemsing

The old farm of Sørre Hemsing is a unique place to sleep and eat during your stay in Vang.

Other tips

You can find other accommodation options in Vang listed at

Of course, outdoor camping is not only allowed in Vang, it is encouraged and there are many very nice campsites at this destination.

Food and Drinks

The locals’ tip for good and fast food is the Chinese takeaway Yang Fulan takeaway located at the grocery store in Vang. Tasty food for a good price. The same goes for Saras mat in Ryfoss that serves mainly African food.

The pizza at Mjøsvang kafe is another classic in Vang.

If you want the taste of Vang, Sørre Hemsing (book in advance), Filefjellstuene and Fondsbu Turisthytte all serve food that’s mainly locally produced.

You’ll find the grocery stores in both Ryfoss, Vang and at Tyinkrysset.

And last but not least if you are keen on getting some local products straight from the farmer – you’ll find a list of all the local Vang food producers right here

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