Mjølkevegen takes you through areas where not a lot of people live so it is smart to plan your accommodation and grocery stops ahead of schedule. Make sure you take a look at the main Mjølkevegen page to get an overview of where you will find these places.

Eat and sleep

There are a variety of hotels, lodges, and cabin rentals available along Mjølkevegen. You will be welcomed with a combination of great food, warm hospitality and above all, a memorable experience.

Ruten and Haugseter Fjellstue are beautiful and cozy mountain hotels where you can be sure to be taken good care of. Beitostølen offers many options, but a safe bet is to stay at Radisson Blu hotel.

The authentic farm Sørre Hemsing, originally built in the 17th century, is a bit off the track from the Mjølkevegen route, but it might just be worth the effort going there anyway. At Vaset you will find good options to stay at Vasetstølen or Gomobu Fjellstue. And your last stop before heading down to Gol should be at Storefjell Resort Hotel.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can be found in all of the larger towns along Mjølkevegen. If you start in Vinstra, you will find multiple grocery stores there. There is also a Coop Marked store in Skåbu, about 8.5 km from Ruten fjellstue. Note that going to Skåbu is a detour from Mjølkevegen of about 3.5 km each way.

At Beitostølen you will find multiple grocery stores. If you continue on Mjølkevegen, between Beitostølen and Vaset, you can find a Joker store in Ryfoss before you start climbing the hills up to Syndin. At Vaset you will find another Joker store and your last option is Gol, at the very end of Mjølkevegen.

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