The best time to visit Tromsø is in summertime or late winter/early spring. Long summer days provide the best conditions for hiking while February and March are most likely to deliver a winter wonderland for enjoying the northern lights and snow-based activities. Located far above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, Tromsø experiences both the polar night and midnight sun.

Winters in Tromsø are quite mild considering its northerly location. This is due to the Gulf Stream, an ocean current that helps deliver warmer water and strong winds along the Norwegian coast. The result is that winter weather in Tromsø and Oslo (much further to the south) is quite similar, averaging between 0 and -5°C.

Summer is relatively cool, with high temperatures between 10 and 16°C. Tromsø tends to get a lot of precipitation year round with rainy days through summer and autumn. That said, sunny 20°C days do occur, perfect for hiking and sailing.

The true beginning and end of seasons is dependent on weather conditions and hard to pinpoint. As things change from year to year, book in the heart of a season to increase your chances. If possible, give yourself a few days flexibility as well to allow for changing plans.

Best time to visit Tromsø for northern lights

Northern lights in the countryside near Tromsø, Norway

The best time to see the northern lights is between September and April. The lights are actually present all year but it’s too bright to see them during the warmer months. In the peak period, the biggest factors for enjoying the lights are the weather conditions and being able to escape light pollution.

If you don’t care much about snow, the best time to go is early in the season from mid-September to October. It won’t be as cold as winter and you can see the beautiful autumn colours.

For a greater chance of a snowy experience (and better conditions for dog sledding), visit in February and March.

While it is possible to see the northern lights in Tromsø itself, usually it’s best to travel outside of the city. The northern lights tour companies analyse the weather to chase clear skies. Sometimes they even drive as far as Finland!

Fun in the snow and whale watching

Dog sledding near Tromsø, Norway

Snow usually begins to fall in November. The conditions can be unreliable though with rain, snowmelt, and ice through December. If there’s a time to avoid visiting Tromsø it’s November to December.

From January the weather is a bit more stable and snow activities are more likely to run. February is peak season with school holidays in Norway and around Europe. As the year rolls on the days become longer and dog sledding and snowshoeing are popular, before wrapping up in early April.

From late November to late January Tromsø experiences the polar night. While the sun does not rise over the city it’s not completely dark with three hours of twilight in the middle of the day. This alone can be a pretty unique experience with the soft blue sky creating an eerie atmosphere.

Between November and January humpback whales and orcas (killer whales) feed in the waters north-east of Tromsø. Day trips in classic boats and RIBs are available. Cruises in the fjords also run for northern lights spotting.

Spring skiing is a much-loved pastime in Norway. Through March and April the longer days allow for extended time exploring the mountains. The Lyngen Alps, just a couple of hours drive from Tromsø, are considered one of the best spring skiing destinations in Norway.

Hiking and sailing under the midnight sun

View of the mountains with the midnight sun and dandelions in the foreground near Tromsø, Norway

Due to Tromsø’s high latitude and extended twilight, there are long days from late April into mid-August. From late May through late July the midnight sun appears.

The best time of year to go hiking around Tromsø is from June to September. Early in the season there may still be some snow at higher elevations. Hiking trails closer to sea level can often be hiked in May. Head to Kvaløya, the island just west of Tromsø, for mountain trails and sea views.

Sailing and RIB tours in the fjords run from June to September. They operate in the daytime, evening and during the midnight sun.

Hopefully this guide to the seasons has helped you decide when to go to Tromsø. If you have any questions about your trip, just let us know in the comments below.


  1. Tri Aswirna

    Hi, I am visiting Tromso from 20th till 25th of September. will it be okay to book dog sledding? will there be snow?

    • Aaron Beaton


      I’m afraid there won’t be snow in September and it’s too early for dog sledding.


  2. catherine

    Hello Planning a trip to Norway next year in Oct / Nov 2020 will we be able to see Northen Lights in Tromso at this time if lucky ? thank you

  3. Hi, I’m planning to visit Tromso & Lofoten next year, end of January until middle of February, if lucky, we able to see the northern lights at this time? Thanks.

  4. Hi, will early feb be a good time to see the northern lights?

  5. Nikhil Agarwal

    What will be the best month to witness the northern lights? We’re planning to come in the winter in 2020. Plus we are coming from India so which month will be suitable weather wise?
    Thank you in advance

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Nikhil,

      There is no best month really, it depends more on what else you want to do in Tromsø. If you want to do snowy activities like dog sledding as well, aim for February and March.


  6. It sounds like mid to late October should be a good time to see the Northern lights, but not optimal for dogsledding or other winter activities. Can we still hike around that time of year and where would you recommend going for hiking? Any other suggestions on activities to do?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Bill,

      You can probably hike, but it will be pretty chilly. Check out Kvaløya for hiking near Tromsø. You could try a fjord cruise, and you might see whales if they decide to come a little early.

  7. Hi! I consider visiting Tromso in March,2020. Would it be a good time for the northern lights? Is there also a chance to go whale watching?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Ash,

      Yes, March is a good time for the northern lights. Whale watching is mostly between November and January.

  8. Hi Aaron,

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting such a great and very useful article! We’re also looking to visit the northern lights next year and this is super helpful. Thank you 🙂
    Fingers crossed we’ll be lucky!

  9. Hello. We will be in Tromso for a few days during either the last week in October or the first week in November. Hoping to see the Northern Lights. Do you think we have a good chance of seeing them?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Ruth, it will really depend on the weather. I hope you get some clear nights 🙂

      For the best chances I’d recommend a small tour like this one. The guides know where to go depending on that day’s conditions.


  10. Thank you Aaron!

  11. HI,
    I am planning to Visit Tromso in the month of December 2019 for northern lights. I wanted to know if this period is suitable for the same.

  12. Hi, i am planning to visit Tromso for the northern lights for 4 days 3 nights (or maybe 5day 4 nights) in the week from 23-27 of December. Is it a good time to do this, and what are the likelihood of bad weather around that time? Also, will it be advisable to do this over the Christmas day, and do tour operators run on christmas day/night? i was thinking of only spending 2 days to chase the lights and the other 2 days going to other places. Is 2 nights adequate? i know it is all depending on nature, clouds, etc. Or will i be able to go do other sight seeing during the morning/day and then be back in time to chase the lights from 6pm to 2am and therefore, spendig 4 nights chasing the lights and 4 days to sight see?

    • Aaron Beaton

      Hi Michael,

      Sure it’s a good time for the northern lights, but I can’t say what chance there is of bad weather. It looks like some tour operators are running over Christmas, so just book in advance. The tours run at night so you could go every night if you wanted but they do run late so it depends how much sleep you need! Some of the operators let you come back for free if you don’t see the lights, so maybe you want to look for one of those tours.


  13. Hi planning to visit in early hoping to see northern lights.Apart from that what else can i see.

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