April to September:
In some years, the winter in Lofoten might not let go until late May. But usually, you should be able to do some nice hiking starting in May. Expect to see temperatures around 10–12°C, but you can be lucky and get 20. From the 28th of May to the 14th of July you will get to experience the midnight sun.

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October to December:
The weather in Lofoten is always unpredictable, but at this time of the year the fall storms are hitting the area. You will find good periods with sunny weather in this period as well, but you should expect to get bad weather and dark days. Remember that the sun does not go above the horizon in Lofoten between December 7th to January 6th.

January to March:
Expect to see days with lots of snow and other days or weeks with milder weather where the snow creeps up into the mountains. This is the period for “Lofotfiske” which are the golden months every year for fishing cod around Lofoten so expect to see a lot of activity around the fisheries.

The Lofotfiske is a spectacular view when the cod is preseved on the large drying racks.

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