Sparsely populated and with just 8,000 residents, a trip to Senja requires some planning before arrival. As a popular destination though, there are a range of accommodation options available. There are some comfortable hotels and camping on Senja is very popular. The hotels also feature restaurants, and there are some simple cafés. Dotted around the island are small supermarkets selling most things you could need.

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Camping on Senja

Tent on Husfjell mountain

There are three serviced campgrounds on Senja. They are suitable for tents and camper vans and also have basic cabins for rent. Each has basic cooking facilities, showers, and toilets. For two people with a tent the cost is typically 200–250 NOK per night.

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Accommodation on Senja

Beautifully located on the western coast of Senja, Hamn i Senja is a full service resort. There are well-kept hotel rooms and apartments with self-catering options available. In addition, the restaurant serves high-quality meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the available activities include boat trips, kayaking, cycling, and guided adventures.

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Mefjord Brygge is in the fishing village of Mefjordvær in northern Senja. An array of accommodation options are offered for groups of all sizes, including hotel rooms, apartments, and small houses. The onsite restaurant serve local specialties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The deep-sea fishing and boat tours are popular, and guided hikes and other adventures also available.

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The Aurora Borealis Observatory has been constructed specifically for enjoying the northern lights. The massive windows allow you to sit in warmth and comfort while waiting for the lights to appear. Stay for several nights for the best chance to see the lights.

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A new hotel in the southern part of the island, Senja Fjordhotell has 11 hotel rooms, plus two small houses and three cabins with self-catering facilities. Breakfast and dinner is available in the restaurant. The main attraction along the coast is fishing, with boat charter and guided trips available.

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Also in the south, by the main entrance to Ånderdalen National Park, Norwegian Wild rents simple but comfortable cabins. Some have private bathrooms, and the staff keep the shared bathrooms very clean.

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Skagi Senja hotel & lodge is in Skaland, in northwestern Senja. There are six hotel rooms and three cabins for rent. A café serves lunch and dinner.

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Restaurants on Senja

Hamn i Senja resort at sunset

There are several restaurants around Senja as well as some smaller cafés. Both Hamn i Senja and Mefjord Brygge have good in-house restaurants, while Camp Steinfjord has a newly refurbished restaurant serving local produce. In Gryllefjord, check out Skreien Spiseri.

After hiking Segla, stop for a burger and a beer at Segla Grill & Pub in Fjordgård. Senjatrollet has its own café and Gammelbutikken in Skrolsvik is worth a visit.

In Silsand, across the bridge from Finnsnes, Senjastua serves traditional Norwegian food including crispy cod tongues.

Supermarkets on Senja

About a dozen small supermarkets are sprinkled around the island. Some of them also contain small cafés. All of the supermarkets on Senja are closed on Sundays.

The supermarkets in Tromsø and Finnsnes are bigger and have a wider selection. Just outside of Tromsø is Eide Handel, a large supermarket that offers a large range of Norwegian delicacies.

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