Aurlandsfjorden is a branch of the 204 km long Sognefjord, known as the “King of the Fjords”. It is among the world’s longest and deepest fjords, considered as archetypical fjord landscape and among the most scenically outstanding anywhere. Large parts of Aurlandsfjorden are included in the UNESCO World Heritage listing for the narrow and dramatic Nærøyfjord. This beautiful part of the world, with Flåm as a base, offers an incredible backdrop for many outdoor adventures, including kayaking, diving, and cycling.

Gliding over the water

Just a 5-minute walk from the tourist information office in Flåm, you will find the Njord sea kayak adventure company, specializing in bringing you the best of Aurlandsfjorden above the surface. The 3 hour guided Fjord Paddle starts off with an introduction including a safety course and best practices when it comes to paddling. Along the tour, the guide will form rafts with kayaks and tell stories from the ancient times. Longer tours up to 10 days are also available. All of the overnight tours are intentionally designed so that learning about the kayaks, the surrounding nature, outdoor life, and the local history are all an integral part of the experience.

Sea kayak adventure with Njord (Video by Jan Egil Jægersborg)

Into the abyss

Just below the water’s surface by Flåm you can find an Estonian steamship called Begonia. The wreck is well preserved and is accessible to divers. On its way north in 1940, the cargo ship was attacked, and the captain decided to head to Flåm to seek shelter. Unfortunately, it was discovered by German air fighters, and they started attacking both the ship and Flåm township. To avoid attention, the Norwegians sunk the ship, and it is now resting on an underwater mountainside, from depths of 8 to 35 meters. It is strongly recommended to seek advice from local divers before attempting the dive, and also for assistance getting out to the starting point.

Scenes from Begonia in Flåm (Video by

On wheels from 1,222 to 0

If you prefer to not get wet, you should check out Norway’s most beautiful bike route, Rallarvegen. The adventure starts by taking the historic  “Flåmsbana” train ride up to Myrdal – an adventure in itself. From there you need to switch trains and travel for around 25 minutes to Finse where you can rent a bike. In just under 6 hours the Rallarvegen trail takes you from Finse’s rocky and bare mountains at 1,222 meters above sea level, back down to Flåm’s lush landscapes by the coast. The route is mostly flat, with an enjoyable downhill section at the end. For a shorter adventure, you can rent bikes in Myrdal and begin from there.

Along the route Rallarvegen (Photo by Jan Egil Jægersborg)

A suspended viewpoint

Another popular attraction is the viewpoint Stegastein. In fact, the suspended viewpoint construction is an attraction in itself, being four meters wide and 30 meters long, made by laminated wood and steel It has garnered attention far beyond the Norwegian borders for its distinct and exciting architecture. At 650 meters above Aurlandsfjorden, the panoramic view is unsurpassed and guaranteed to take your breath away.

Stegastein with a spectacular view over Aurlandsfjorden

Spending the weekend

The Flåm pier offers various accommodation options, as well as a variety of restaurants and a Viking inspired brewpub. Be sure to check out our recommendations for Where to eat and sleep in Flåm

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