Let’s talk about how & why we travel. People have always traveled, and today people travel more often and longer than ever before.

The world is becoming smaller every year, but how can we fill these intense journeys with valuable experiences which will create lasting memories, that we continue to receive value from after we’re home? In this guest post for Outtt, we’d like to introduce our passion for Slow Lifestyle and the concept of Slow Adventure!

Let’s Go Slow

Before we go ahead and talk about big concepts, let’s introduce ourselves: This guest blog is written by Mark & Thea, we’re the brain and muscle behind Let’s Go Slow a personal travel blog, where we share our passion for Slow Adventure and Slow Lifestyle.

Slow Adventure in the Faroe Islands.

Mark and Thea on Trondheim’s fortress the day they left for the Faroe Islands  Photo: Let’s Go Slow

We left our jobs, ended our flat lease, gave away our cat and moved to the Faroe Islands, to follow our quickly deepened passion for Slow Adventure.

Our reason for going was simple: break away from routine, experience a new place and connect with people and place! You might be asking why we left for the Faroe Islands, as it’s a little off the beaten track, but Mark’s grandfather was from the Faroes, and Mark had always wanted to learn more about his ancestry.

Thea is a photographer, and for her, the motivation lied in a documentary project. A short, artistic documentary film, currently in post-production called Faroetale. We were based right in the middle of the country and together we explored the islands, sometimes motivated by Thea’s film, other times by Mark’s cultural exploration.

Image from Skálabotnur, Faroe Islands  Photo: Let’s Go Slow

The definition of Slow Adventure

A Slow Adventure is a way of experiencing a place where we shift our focus away from time and quick fix adrenaline and instead focus on honesty and authenticity. Immersing ourselves in wild places to connect deeper with people and place. In order to achieve an adventure like this, we had to slow down, take our time and be open. A Slow Adventure combines local knowledge about nature, food, skill, and people. People are essential, because how can you connect with a place without understanding how the locals interact with their surroundings? For us, the synergy between people and place will always be at the center of a Slow Adventure.

Enriching our world of travel with Slow Adventure

The world of travel is busy. Bloggers, media and social channels are constantly telling us what to do (including this one) and it’s easy to plan a whole trip from the comforts of our own living room. There is nothing wrong in planning, but are we planning just to squeeze “everything in” on a long weekend? Or are we planning to better know the culture and customs in order to truly experience a place? For us the question about why we travel is essential. Are we traveling to collect experiences, to grow and to become educated citizens of the world, or are we traveling to simply escape our everyday? By being honest about our motivations we also travel more honestly. We stopped planning our tips to the comforts of home and instead we seek local knowledge from the place we are visiting. That way we became more comfortable in the outdoors, found new friends, enjoyed wild food and learned new skills. These things combined create enriched lasting memories that separate ourselves from the average tourist experience.

From Slow Adventure to Slow Lifestyle

By building our travels from Slow Adventures we created our own slow journeys. A Slow Adventure does not have to be expensive. You can easily create your own and leave the bought experiences for those times where you wish to try a new activity or really need a guide (Like on a glacier hike or kayaking for the first time). What is important is that the activity and the place has a connection. We find that using friends or family (or even friends of friends) to find the next adventure always help. Or we bring friends and family to our own local Slow Adventures.

Linking Slow Adventure together to form a journey is one way to start not only traveling slowly but also living slow. Slow Adventure and Slow Lifestyle go hand in hand. A series of Slow Adventures can help mould our everyday lives, with frequent reflections back to our previous slow experiences. To give you a concrete example we’re going to tell you about how the experiences from Faroe still affect our lifestyle at home.

Wild sheep on Mykines  Photo: Let’s Go Slow

The Faroe Islands translates to The Sheep Islands in English. It comes from an Old Norse word for sheep (Færøyene = Fårøyene). There are thousands of wooly, wild sheep grazing the islands maintaining the green barren landscape. The sheep not only influence the scenic landscape but also traditional food and knitted clothing. Combined the sheep influence much of life in the Faroe Islands. During our time there we both learned how to knit (Thea being the keenest one), there are hundreds of beautiful patterns and more or less every Faroese lady has a knitting club. 

After learning how to knit using a local natural wool and other resources, Thea continued making jumpers and socks and Mark finished his first jumper early this autumn. New skills like knitting or other crafts are things we can expose ourselves to in a slow adventure, that we get to take home with us and still receive value from after we are home (the rest of our family also receive some value, as they are getting knitted socks for Christmas!).

Thea climbing Slættaratindur, the highest mountain on the Faroe Islands in her first home knitted jumper Photo: Let’s Go Slow

Create your own Slow Adventure to get started:

  • Are you passionate about something? Seek out like-minded people in a new place. Do a workshop or a course in something you love and we guarantee you’ll connect with both people and place. Or see if a friend can teach you. Do you know any good skiers, that can teach you the basics or help you improve your own technique?
  • Do you wish to travel abroad? Check with friends and family to see where you already have some connections. We do this all the time, it makes our travels richer in the form of seeing more friends and family and we experience a lot more than if we decided to travel by ourselves. It is also good to know that your visit means something for the place and people you’re visiting.
  • Access nature in a safe way. Use local maps, apps (Outtt for Norway!) or knowledge. Always ask if you are unsure about something, be open and gather information before your adventures. Respect nature, but don’t be afraid of it!
  • Are you a foodie? Visit a local farm or producer. In Ireland, we visited the organic farm that provided our accommodation with fresh produce and eggs, a huge highlight from our time there!
  • Travel slow, and don’t “overbook” your time from the comforts of your living room. Dare to open your days up to the unforeseen.
  • Think about your footprint – the impact of your travel. How can the people and place you’re adventuring to benefit?

Our blog Let’s Go Slow was created because we love Slow Adventure and we wish to influence the world of travel on a bigger scale. By being more honest about our motivations for traveling, we can create richer experiences that influence us also after we return home. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for inspiring Slow Adventures. 


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