Lyngen Alps: Your Go-To-Guide

Located east of Norway’s biggest northern city, Tromsø, the Lyngen Alps (in Norwegian, Lyngsalpene) are located on a 90 km peninsula from the shores of the Lyngenfjorden to the border of Sweden. The entire peninsula, home to more than 140 glaciers, is ideal for winter or early spring alpine skiing or […]

6 Most Underrated Adventure Areas in Norway

An astonishing 17.1% of mainland Norway’s is protected. That’s a total of 2,885 conversation areas across 46 national parks. That’s a lot of land! Although one of the most well-known national parks is Jotunheimen National Park home to Besseggen Ridge, there are many more beautiful areas to explore. We’ve accumulated the […]

6 Best Cross-Country Ski Races in Norway

The popular saying, “Norwegians are born with skis on their feet” may be an exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth. Norway is a country where skiing is deeply ingrained in its history and culture. Norwegians have won over 121 Olympic medals in cross-country. That’s pretty impressive for a […]

What to Pack for a One-Day Ski Trip

The infamous Norwegian phrase is so true: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. But don’t worry, you’ll be prepared for a day full of adventure with this ski trip packing list.   Gear Skis, boots, and poles are the obvious necessities for your day ski trip. […]

Top hacks for staying warm while adventuring in the winter

Layers We can’t stress this enough! The infamous Norwegian phrase is so true: “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. Start by wearing a base layer made out of merino wool or synthetic material. These materials help the sweat wick away from your skin to keep you […]

Guest Post: Let’s talk about how & why we travel

Let’s talk about how & why we travel. People have always traveled, and today people travel more often and longer than ever before. The world is becoming smaller every year, but how can we fill these intense journeys with valuable experiences which will create lasting memories, that we continue to […]

How to get access to 500 cabins all across Norway

All across Norway, you will find cabins where it is possible to stay a night or more for a fairly cheap price. The Norwegian Trekking Association(DNT) is Norway’s largest outdoor activity organization. DNT has more than 500 cabins that you can access, some high up in the mountains like Litlos, others […]

9 Best Running Races in Norway

Welcome to Norway – the land of fjords, reindeer, and the best cross-country skiers in the world. This northern European outdoor adventure mecca is one of the most scenic countries you will ever see, boasting more untouched nature, mountains, and valleys, just waiting to be explored. And this hearty, sprawling wilderness […]

Outdoor Family Activities in Oslo

Planning to visit Oslo with your family? Oslo has lots of attractions to visit if you arrive in the city with kids. You won’t want to miss these top outdoor activities that can take your trip the Norway’s capital from good to great.  See also: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor […]

Top 5 hikes in Norway

Nestled in Northern Europe, Norway is a scenic haven with its fjords and mountains. It is a fantastic place to put on your hiking shoes and get ready for a real adventure. These top 5 hikes are demanding, but all worth it for the incredible views.  See also: The Ultimate […]