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The wetlands in Dokka offer abundant wildlife and is Østlandet's most significant resting place for migrating birds.


The National Park with the highest peaks in Norway.


Hadeland is a scenic rural area of rolling hills and forested hillsides.


The city of Oslo is so unique with it's close proximity to a huge forested area full of peaks and valleys for hiking up or biking down.


Experience the breathtaking heart of Lofoten!


A wilderness haven.


The region of Ål offers hikes for the whole family - whether you prefer short and easy hikes or something more demanding, and you will find the perfect fit for you in either forest terrain or on the high mountain plateaus.


Meet rolling, thick wooden hills spotted with river valleys, lakes in all sizes and marshlands with a rich wildlife.


Discover lush valleys, mountain farms, large lakes, long hikes and steep climbs.


The rolling hills and limestone bedrock provide for rich vegetation, a high diversity of species and plentiful space for grazing animals.


Quaint National Park town at the foot of the mountain Hallingskarvet.

Ytre Hvaler

Discover the coastal landscape and archipelago sites in Norway's southernmost National Park.


Skjåk is known as the mountain village with little rainfall and hot summers. Bring your hiking boots and visit Skjåk!

Kongevegen over Filefjell

Kongevegen over Filefjell is a historical hiking trail showcasing everything from fjords and mountains to inland valleys.


Oppdal, located between Dovrefjell and Trollheimen is a paradise for those who like true mountain adventures.


Vang is the perfect combination where the mountains of western Norway meet the good climate of the east creating a haven of outdoor adventure and beautiful views.