Destinate Norway

In the magnificent scenery between mountains, fjords and glaciers, we welcome you to active, authentic and educational nature-based experiences. Our locations are Nordfjord, Sunnmøre and Lofoten. We can offer shorter half-day experiences, day-to-day experiences, or multi-day experiences year round. We tailor activities and experiences to you and your journey.

We offer, among other things, Experiences within:

• Hiking - both easier or more demanding hikes, sights or cultural history walks along past road routes.

• Kayaking - both longer and shorter trips in different types of waters. We also hold courses.

• The good conversation around the fire - Nordic outdoor life

• Winter - snowshoeing, skiing, horseback riding, ice skating, snow cave tours. We recommend our weekend course in "Winter Outdoor Life".

Destinate Norway offers guided nature and cultural experiences in Norway. We make strict demands on education, experience and local knowledge among our guides. Our guides deliver quality-assured products within "light adventures". This involves the dissemination of local history, culture and nature. The goal is to give our guests unique experiences for life.