The Devil’s Jaw mountain range on Senja Island, Norway

Photo: Scorpp / Shutterstock

Senja highlights

  • Located just south of Tromsø and Kvaløya, and driving distance to Lofoten, Senja is a must on any Northern Norway itinerary.
  • Senja is home to one of Norway’s most popular hikes, Segla. Nearby Hesten provides the best angle for capturing one of the famous photos.
  • In Ånderdalen National Park, trek through quiet pine forest to fish for trout and stay in the two-bed cabin by Åndervatnet Lake.
  • From late May to late July the sun never sets on Senja. The golden glow of the midnight sun is a special experience.
  • Little light pollution and spectacular mountain backdrops make Senja an excellent northern lights destination from September to April.
  • Basic and serviced campgrounds around the island contribute to responsible and sustainable travel.

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Map of Senja

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