Senja Island


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Welcome to Norway’s second largest island. Senja is just as spectacular as the more famous Lofoten Islands, but far less traveled, and full of untouched nature.

Senja is often described as a miniature Norway. On the western side of the island sit dramatic mountains that plummet right down into the Atlantic ocean, as well as beautiful sandy beaches.

In the east the landscape softens with birch woods and small farms. To the south, by Ånderdalen National Park, lie pine tree forests, lakes, and wetlands. Small fishing villages showcase the local spirit and hospitality. All of the areas offer excellent opportunities to hike, explore, and learn about the local cultural heritage.

The best way to explore Senja is by car. It’s easy to simply park by the side of the road and hike up into the mountains, or enjoy all of the roadside attractions. Driving around the island takes four to six hours depending on the number of detours along the fjords in the western part of the island.

Wild camping provides some of the best experiences on Senja, whether by staying along the popular beaches or trekking into the woods for some true solitude. There are campgrounds with facilities available as well as self-catering apartments and full-service hotels.

Senja is quickly becoming popular among adventure lovers in Norway. The combination of natural wonders similar to the Lofoten Islands and the lower volume of tourists, makes Senja such a tempting destination.

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Things to do on Senja

Hike mountain peaks

Senja is a paradise for mountain hikers. The rewards are stunning vistas of fjords, fishing villages, and the surrounding peaks.

Experience the midnight sun

From late May to late July the sun never sets on Senja. The sky’s golden glow is a special experience.

Take an epic road trip

The 102 km Senja scenic route winds its way from Gryllefjord to Botnhamn with adventures at almost every turn.

Explore Ånderdalen NP

Trek through pine forest in Ånderdalen National Park to fish for trout and stay in the two-bed cabin by Åndervatnet Lake.

Hunt for the northern lights

Little light pollution and spectacular mountain backdrops make Senja an excellent northern lights destination.

Extend your journey

Located just south of Tromsø and Kvaløya, and driving distance to Lofoten, Senja is a must on any Northern Norway itinerary.

Itinerary: Norwegian Scenic Route Senja

Norwegian Scenic Route Senja

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Hiking trails

The most dramatic views of Senja are found along the northern coast of the island and that is where you will find many of the popular trails.


4 km · 2 – 4 t


7.6 km · 3 – 4 t


4.1 km · 2 – 4 t

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What’s the best time to visit Senja?

Discover when you can enjoy the northern lights or hike under the midnight sun.

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The best places to stay on Senja

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