Rondane National Park


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Visit Norway’s first national park, established in 1962. Rondane is a park of contrasts, from barren high alpine peaks to gentle slopes with cozy mountain farms.

Located halfway between Oslo and Trondheim, and just a short detour from the main highway, Rondane is packed with excellent hiking trails for all adventurers. Around the edge of the park are many lighter hikes suitable for all ages and abilities. In the heart of the park, ten peaks reach over 2,000 meters above sea level, with gentle slopes that are a little easier to hike than those in Jotunheimen National Park.

The two main entry points to Rondane are Mysusæter and Høvringen. Mysusæter is a launchpad for many hikes in Rondane, including the mountains in the center. Mysusæter is also the gateway for the multi-day triangle route.

Høvringen was once a thriving mountain pasture community and much of the traditional culture is preserved today. Høvringen provides warm hospitality and access to some of the more family-friendly hikes in the park.

Rondane has a relatively mild climate, making it one of the safer areas for avoiding hiking in pouring rain. Low precipitation means less snow in the winter and the hiking season will often start in early June, which can be a month earlier than nearby mountain areas.

There are no restrictions on where you can hike in the park, but do remember that Rondane National Park is home to a herd of almost 2,000 wild reindeer. The reindeer are very easily disturbed by humans so please stay on marked trails. If you do happen upon some reindeer, slowly move away from them.

Wild camping along the valleys is a great way to experience the park, but those seeking a little more comfort can stay at any of the staffed lodges in the area. Rondvassbu lies in the middle of the park with great access to the highest peaks. In the east sits Bjørnhollia and in the north are Øvre Dørålseter and Nedre Dørålseter. There are various levels of accommodation available at both Mysusæter and Høvringen.

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Why visit Rondane National Park?

Hike tall mountain peaks

The center of the park is home to ten peaks reaching over 2,000 meters above sea level, with some of the farthest views in Norway.

Stay in cozy lodges

Dotted around Rondane National Park are cozy lodges with great service and local food, havens after a long day hiking.

Trek a classic route

The Rondane triangle route is a popular multi-day hike from cabin to cabin and is an excellent introduction to the national park.

Guide: Hikes from Mysusæter

Mysusæter is the main entry point for hiking the high mountains of Rondane National Park.

Explore the trails

Guide: Hikes from Høvringen

Family-friendly Høvringen offers easier hikes amongst the rich culture of traditional mountain farms.

Explore the trails

Trail map

Explore Rondane’s hiking trails, cabins, and mountain peaks. For access to offline topographic maps download the free Outtt app.

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