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Hiking in the Lyngen Alps

Trail guides and maps

Hiking The Blue Lake. Photo: Niks Freimanis

Hiking in the Lyngen Alps takes you through lush valleys and over rocky mountains. Fjord views and wild nature abound. The trails lead to glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, and deep canyons.

Some of the most popular trails in the Lyngen Alps include The Blue Lake, Rørnestinden, Steindalsbreen Glacier, and Gorsa Bridge.

A number of short trails wind along the coast or through the forest and are perfect for young families. More demanding long-distance hikes up to the peaks present panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and ocean.

During the time of the midnight sun, from late-May until mid-July, night hiking in the soft sunlight is a fun way to make use of the long daylight hours.

Hiking trails line both sides of the Lyngenfjord and stretch deep into the valleys. The area was strategically important during the Second World War and some of the trails are based around this history.

Public cabins feature on many of the hikes. They are an excellent spot to take a break, especially if the weather has turned. The cabins offer very basic facilities. Most are available for overnight stays for a small fee. More information about the various cabins can be found on Visit Lyngenfjord.

In Northern Norway, the best time to go hiking is in July, August, and September. Trails closer to the coast can be hiked from June. There are no hard and fast rules though and the true beginning and end of the seasons varies depending on snowfalls and general weather conditions. The Norwegian national weather service provides detailed weather reports and forecasts for the Lyngen Alps in English.

10 hiking trails in the Lyngen Alps

The Blue Lake

8.8 km · 2 – 3 t


11.5 km · 5 – 6 t


8.2 km · 3 – 5 t


9.6 km · 4 – 6 t


7 km · 2 – 3 t


6.7 km · 2.5 – 3.5 t

Lyngsdalen to Dalbotn

12.1 km · 3 – 5 t

Three-Country Cairn

20.7 km · 5 – 7 t

Troll Lake

7 km · 3 – 4 t

Skihytta and Rørneshytta Cabins

7.5 km · 2 – 5 t

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