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Filefjell Kongevegen


Photo: Samuel Taipale

Journey along “The King's Road”, one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Norway, and awarded the EU prize for Cultural Heritage in 2017.

The Kongevegen route travels from Vangsmjøsa lake, over the Filefjell mountain plateau and down to Lærdal village by the Sognefjord. The hike is a journey through history. The massive stone walls along the route were handbuilt by thousands of workers, forming the main road between Oslo and Bergen at the beginning of the 19th century.

The 100 kilometer route consists of four original road sections connected by paved secondary roads. The authentic sections make up a total of 45 kilometers and are perfect hiking trails with overgrown grass and gravel.

Kongevegen can be completed as one hike over five days, starting in Vang. However, it is more common to take day trips to the surrounding sights and trails. The local accommodation providers along the route can offer advice on nearby highlights. The map below offers more information on accommodation, grocery stores and adventures along Kongevegen.

July and August are the most popular months for hiking Kongevegen, but September and October are lovely for experiencing the beautiful fall colors. It’s possible to walk sections around Vang and Lærdal from the beginning of May, but the snow on the plateau doesn’t usually melt until late June.

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Why explore Kongevegen?

Wander 18th century roads

Hike in the footsteps of kings along the old roads from the 18th century. Vindhellavegen by Borgund and Kvamskleiva close to Vang are highlights.

Stay at traditional hotels

Book a night at Maristova, Kyrkjestølen, Sanden Pensjonat or Lindstrøm Hotel for a traditional Norwegian hotel experience.

Admire a stave church

28 stave churches remain standing in Norway today. Two of them are located along the route: Øye and Borgund.

Explore the forests

In the low-season when snow covers many parts of Kongevegen, it’s still possible to explore around Galdane and Seltunåsen which remain mostly snow-free.

Tackle the mountain pass

Hike the old mountain pass between Kyrkjestølen and Maristova, over Kongevegen’s highest point. The trail provides panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Continue into Jotunheimen

Kongevegen is located just south of the famous Jotunheimen National Park. Trek to Vettisfossen waterfall or one of the many peaks in the area.

3 Days Along Kongevegen by Car

Discover the highlights of Kongevegen over three days with your own car.

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2 Days Along Kongevegen by Bus

Tackle the two best through-hikes along the route with the help of public transportation.

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2-Day Self-Guided Tour

This package includes two nights at Filefjellstuene mountain lodge and transportation to and from the daily hikes, which are self-guided.

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Trail map

Explore Kongevegen’s hiking trails, viewpoints, and important local sights. For access to offline topographic maps download the free Outtt app.

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