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The tiny village of Flåm lies nestled at the tip of a branch of the deep and spectacular Sognefjord. Flåm is a paradise for those seeking adventure amongst the Norwegian fjords.

Surrounded by high mountains, narrow valleys and roaring waterfalls, Flåm serves as an easy base for exploring the surrounding nature. Excellent transportation connections ensure access by train, ferry, bus, car, and even bike is a breeze.

Rallarvegen, Norway’s most beautiful bike route, comes to a dramatic end in Flåm. The trip, in conjunction with a ride on the historic Flåm Railway to Mydal, offers an amazing day out surrounding by beautiful scenary. Aurlandsdalen, one of Norway's classic hiking trails, is also easily acccessible.

There are only a few places in the world that beat the breathtaking landscape of the western Norwegian fjords. In 2005, the nearby Nærøyfjord was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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