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Norway’s second largest city is surrounded by mountains with some of the most visited viewpoints in all of Norway.

Bergen is the biggest city along Norway’s western coast and the “gateway to the fjords”. The city is wedged tightly between what are known as the Seven Mountains and these mountains are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. The nearest trail is never far away in Bergen with some excellent hiking options straight out of the city center.

The actual peaks included in the Seven Mountains is often debated, but everyone would include Fløyen, Ulriken, and Løvstakken. These mountains line the edges of the city and feature popular viewpoints as well as extended trail networks. Many choose to hike up, but the historic Fløibanen funicular runs up to Fløyen and Ulriken can be reached by cable car.

An excellent public transportation network of buses and trams runs throughout the city and greater Bergen area. These services ensure most trails can be accessed without needing a car.

Bergen is well known for its incredibly wet climate, with rain two out of every three days. Keep this in mind and hit the trails as soon as a clear day appears. Thankfully snow is fairly rare in Bergen which means it’s possible to hike almost all year round with appropriate clothing.

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What to do in Bergen

Visit Fløyen and Ulriken

Hike, or take the cable cars, up to Fløyen and Ulriken – the two most famous viewpoints around Bergen.

Wire up

Looking for a change of pace? Go zip-lining from Ulriken or join a combined via ferrata and zip-line adventure along the coast.

Hike a glacier

Folgefonna glacier is just 1.5 hours from Bergen. A guided hike offers a safe and memorable blue ice experience.

Guide: Hikes from Bergen City Center

The mountains surrounding the city of Bergen are filled with trails for all hikers, including short forest hikes and the popular “Vidden” day hike.

Explore the trails

Guide: Hikes in the Greater Bergen Area

A car or bus ride out of the city provides access to the scenic mountains outside of Bergen. These trails are popular with locals, but less touristy.

Explore the trails

Trail map

Explore Bergens’s hiking trails, viewpoints, and important local sights. For access to offline topographic maps download the free Outtt app.

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