Find the best hiking trails around Norway, plus a selection of recommended cycling, kayaking and skiing adventures.

Northern Norway

Sparsely populated, but packed with jagged peaks, wild nature, and coastal scenery.

Lofoten Islands

A stunning island chain known for its towering mountains, white beaches, and crystal clear waters.

Senja Island

Just as spectacular as the more famous Lofoten Islands, but far less traveled, and full of untouched nature.


Northern Norway’s adventure hub, high above the Arctic Circle. Tromsø is the most popular destination for chasing the northern lights.

Lyngen Alps

Most famous for fantastic spring skiing, this mountain range close to Tromsø offers hiking and activities without the crowds.

Fjord Norway

Along the dramatic south-west coast, marked with famous fjords, valleys, and mountains.


The second largest city in Norway is surrounded by mountains with some of the most visited viewpoints in the country.

Filefjell Kongevegen

One of the most spectacular hiking routes in Norway, “The King’s Road” was awarded an EU prize for Cultural Heritage in 2017.


A paradise for those seeking adventure amongst the fjords, nestled in a branch of the deep and spectacular Sognefjord.

Eastern Norway

Home to the capital, Oslo, and an array of adventures from the mountains to the coast.


A 214 kilometer hiking trail in 13 stages through the forest along the border of Norway and Sweden.

Færder National Park

On the western coast of the Oslofjord featuring rugged coastline and charming islands.


One of Norway’s most famous mountain resorts, centrally located along the railway between Oslo and Bergen.

Jotunheimen National Park

The gateway to Norway’s tallest peaks, with Northern Europe’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen, and the famous Besseggen Ridge.


A cycling route through the Valdres region offering a taste of Norwegian mountains, pastures, and wildlife.


Norway’s relaxed capital, packed with great opportunities for outdoor lovers with peaceful nature just a stone’s throw away.

Padleled Vestfold

A world-class kayaking destination in the Oslofjord with over 80 recommended routes.

Rondane National Park

Norway’s first national park, established in 1962. Rondane features barren high alpine peaks and gentle slopes with cozy mountain farms.


A little-known mountain destination packing a big punch, with opportunities for adventure all year round.

Ytre Hvaler National Park

A marine park that sees more sun than anywhere else in Norway, suited to island hopping, hiking, and kayaking.

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The country’s historic center is home to several national parks and a small population of musk oxen.


A mountain area filled with vibrant villages, mountain farms, and endless opportunities for hiking, cycling, and fishing.


Renowned for classic hikes and spring ski touring in the surroundings of the Dovrefjell and Trollheimen mountain ranges.