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Røros to Trondheim

Explore the World Heritage listed town of Røros and visit charming Trondheim. Enjoy the sights and tastes of the Trøndelag region and relax at two hotels with sleek, modern spas.

This route is easily accessible by train. Several trains run daily from Oslo to Røros, with a change in Hamar. The total journey takes about five hours. Two to three trains run daily from Røros to Trondheim and take two and a half hours. Check departure times and buy tickets on nsb.no.

Enchanting Røros is a small town with a vibrant culture and compelling history. The town was once the site of a bustling copper works, and an interesting museum and mine tour recount the developments over time. Walk – or sled – through the streets and admire the rare concentration of centuries-old wooden houses and buildings.

The region’s mountain farms yield excellent produce and Røros has become a well regarded center for locally produced food in Norway. Each meal or snack is an opportunity to sample truly local food. The exclusive meats and award-winning cheeses are particularly remarkable.

Trondheim was an important settlement during the Viking Age and remained the capital of Norway until 1217. Today the compact city features landmarks such as Nidaros Cathedral and the wooden buildings of Bakklandet. Take a boat ride and explore the historic Munkholmen Island in the Trondheimsfjord. Bymarka, the city forest, is just a tram ride or short drive away.

This three-day package includes:

  • One night’s accommodation, spa access, and buffet breakfast at Røros Hotell in Røros
  • Four-course dinner at Vertshuset Røros in Røros
  • One night’s accommodation, spa access, and breakfast at Hotel Britannia in Trondheim
  • Three-course dinner at Brasserie Britannia in Trondheim

From 3,270 NOK per person

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Dag 1: Røros

If you’re coming to Røros from the south, consider dropping in to the quaint village of Vingelen. Vingelen is one of Norway’s best preserved mountain villages and features original timber houses and farmyards. The area has a long tradition of mountain farming which continues today, and is home to Eggen Gardsysteri’s prized cheeses. The village is a short 5 minute detour from road 30 that leads to Røros.

Explore the village along the marked cultural trail and stop for a break at Bunåva café, where you can also browse a selection of local food for sale. For views over the village, hike Nonsvola, or trek to the border of Forollhogna National Park at Synnerhogna.

In Røros, check into Røros Hotell and wander the town’s colorful streets. In wintertime, borrow one of the hotel’s free kicksleds, called a “spark”, to try out a popular local form of transport. The iconic church is considered one of the country’s most important religious buildings, with few changes since its construction in the 18th century, and its tower can be seen throughout town.

In the evening, call in to Vertshuset Røros for a four-course dinner.

Røros Hotell

A short walk from Røros town center sits Røros Hotell. With the cosy and friendly atmosphere of a large mountain lodge, the hotel is an easy place to relax after a day exploring.

A modern spa area is a distinctive treat. Inside, encased by calming concrete and glass, is a 27-meter pool, hot tub, and sauna. A step outside sits another inviting hot tub and heated pool.

Vertshuset Røros

The food culture of Røros is on display at cosy Vertshuset Røros in the heart of town. The restaurant works in cooperation with the local dairies, butchers, farmers, and brewery to procure and highlight the region’s best seasonal produce.

The menu comprises a precise selection of classic dishes with contemporary treatment, served in historic surroundings.

Suggested adventures

Kultursti i Vingelen


3 km · 1 – 1.5 t

Nonsvola i Vingelen


5.8 km · 2.5 – 4 t



9.1 km · 3 – 5 t

Dag 2: Røros til Trondheim

Be sure to sample more local meats and cheeses with homemade bread at the abundant breakfast buffet. Then, take some time to delve into the intriguing local history before the 2.5 hour drive to Trondheim.

Get driving directions in Google Maps.

Røros was once an important center for copper mining and the industry has left a significant mark on the area. Today, the town and parts of the surrounding landscape are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The volume of authentic wooden buildings from lining the streets is rare in Norway and wandering between them feels like taking a step back in time. The buildings, along with the preserved history of the copper works and the unique culture that developed in the harsh conditions, contribute to its listed status.

The museum at the site of the former smelter, “Smelthytta”, provides a concise and fascinating insight into how mining methods developed over the centuries. A perfect complement to the museum is a tour through the disused Olavsgruva mine, 13 kilometers away.

Kafestuggu is Røros’ oldest café and once again, local products like reindeer punctuate the menu. For a tasty souvenir, the supermarkets stock many regional specialties including flatbread, dairy products, and sausages.

One farm which sells direct is Galåvolden Gård, about a 15 minute drive from Røros. The farm sells their cheese, eggs, meat, ice cream and more. Farm visits are available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays in July from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Make your way to Trondheim and upon arriving, check in to the luxurious Britannia Hotel and prepare for dinner and drinks at Brassiere Britannia.

Britannia Hotel

After an ambitious makeover, Britannia Hotel has reopened as one of the best hotels in Norway. Situated in the heart of Trondheim, the hotel has long been an icon of the city. Six restaurants and bars are an indulgence for the senses, in venues that have hosted royalty and intrepid explorers over the years.

The hotel’s new style respects its heritage while embracing modern luxury, with handmade beds and bathrooms lined with Carrara marble. A pristine and expansive spa and fitness center encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

Brasserie Britannia

Brasserie Britannia is a high-tempo, casual dining space within Britannia Hotel. The three-course menu features classic French dishes elevated with the best seasonal ingredients.

The buzzing restaurant is open all day and features an extensive drinks menu with a wide selection of beer and wine.

Dag 3: Trondheim

Wake up and recharge at the spa or simply soak up the hotel luxury before check-out. Sit down for breakfast in Palmehaven, the exotic palm garden restaurant. The splendid buffet features award-winning Norwegian meats and cheeses and an array of fresh dishes. In addition, an à la carte menu offers barista coffee and specialities cooked to order.

Head out and wander the city centre, visiting some of the famous landmarks such as Nidaros Cathedral, Old Town Bridge, and the Bakklandet neighborhood. On a sunny day, take a short boat ride to Munkholmen Island, a popular recreation area in the Trondheimsfjord.

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