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Multi-day paddling trip in Jyltingsmarka

Jyltingsmarka has an abundance of lakes that are connected by small streams or short portages of up to 200 meters. The tranquil forest area has been described as a "mini Femundsmarka", the National Park that it’s located in. The entire area is considered one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Southern Scandinavia.

There are lots of opportunities to discover new crooks and crannies of the lakes, camp in wild untouched nature, spot reindeer, and spend a relaxing few hours fishing. There are also 3 mountains to climb 

Paddling in this area is perfect for a 1 to 4-day trip or an additional day or two depending on your paddling speed and time restraints. This trip is even suitable for younger children, as it’s rarely windy, and the water temperature is higher than larger lakes in the area.

Most canoers are able to paddle at 3 km per hour, however, this depends on the weather, how much gear is in your canoe, and your overall skill. Seldom do canoers paddle many hours in a row. On average families are able to cover 10 to 15 km a day, and young active adults can cover at least 15 km. Thus the following adventures are merely a guide to the many possibilities available in the area. 

Dag 1

Lake Glen to Lake Halvorsjøen

5.9 km · 2 – 5.5 t · Middels

Starting from Lake Glen, you’ll paddle south before reaching a small stream that will connect you to Lake Halvorsjøen. The water may be low enough that you’ll need to portage your canoe. Lake Halvorsjøen is a long L-shaped lake with many fantastic places to pitch a tent on its shores.

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Dag 2

Lake Halvorsjøen - Lake Glen - Lake Bursjøen - Lake Håen

6 km · 2.5 – 6 t · Middels

Continue exploring Lake Halvorsjøen before returning north to Lake Glen. You can Lake Bursjøen by paddling down the beautiful river. Visit the small islands, and perhaps swim in the water and enjoy the incredible scenery! Paddling around the small Lake Håen is an option, but can be easily forgone.

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Dag 3

Lake Bursjøen - Lake Stor Jyltingsvola

5.5 km · 3.5 – 5.5 t · Middels

In the northwest corner of Lake Bursjøen, there is an access point to Lake Stor Jyltingen, that requires you to portage your canoe.

There are three mountains that can be accessed from Lake Stor Jyltingen: Mount Sorkvola, Mount Jyltingvola, and Mount Gutilivola that's located in the Gutulia National Park. There are no marked trails, but they can be easily hiked using maps on the Outtt app.

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Dag 4

Lake Stor Jyltingsvola - Lake Bursjøen - Lake Glen

5.3 km · 5 – 7 t · Middels

From Lake Stor Jyltingsvola paddle southward through Lake Bursjøen. Portage your canoe once again to access Lake Glen. If you would like to add more distance or have a day or two days extra, portage your canoe eastward to then explore Lake Litle and Lake Stor Gutulivola.

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