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Senja Hiking Trails

If you like hiking up mountains and admiring spectacular coastal views, Senja is your place. Some of Senja’s hiking trails can be steep and a bit challenging if you’re not good with heights, but there are some more relaxed options as well. The best time for hiking on Senja is from mid-June through to late August. The summer is short north of the Arctic circle!

If you’ve been drooling over pictures of Senja on Instagram it’s almost certain that you’ve seen the iconic Segla. From the top, you can enjoy the view over Mefjorden, Øyfjorden, and all the surrounding majestic mountain peaks. Note that if you want to capture your own awesome photo, most of the pictures of Segla are actually taken from Hesten, a neighboring mountain.

Sukkertoppen is a great option if you are staying a night Hamn i Senja. You will get some great views of Hamn and if you are visiting during the time of the midnight sun, it’s a great place for beautiful photos. Many travellers report back that the trek up to Sukkertoppen was their favorite adventure on the island.

Stunning scenery, a variety of terrain, an exciting yet manageable hike – Husfjell has it all. If you want a relatively safe and easy hike, but no shortage of amazing views, try this hike near Skaland. When you arrive at the top you can also climb to several other nearby peaks to find more impressive panoramas. There are a few sheer cliffs close by as well as amazing views of Ersfjorden, Steinfjorden, and the Okshornan mountain range.

If you’re after an adrenaline rush, make sure to tackle Breidtinden. It is Senja’s tallest peak towering at 1,017 metres above sea level and the peak is clearly visible from far away. The hike up can be very demanding, so only hike this trail in good weather.

For something a bit more sedate head into Ånderdalen National Park. The park was created in 1970 to protect the primarily pine forested area and the mountains right along the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the trees in this 125 square kilometer area are more than 600 years old. Pack your fishing rod, buy a fishing license, and try to hook some local trout in Åndervatnet lake.

Senja guide

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Vandring 4 km · 2 – 4 t



Vandring 3.7 km · 2 – 3 t



Vandring 7.3 km · 4 – 6 t

Åndervatnet Lake


Vandring 12 km · 4 – 5 t



Vandring 7.6 km · 3 – 4 t



Vandring 6.9 km · 3 – 7 t



Vandring 5.2 km · 4 – 6 t



Vandring 6.8 km · 3 – 7 t



Vandring 5.7 km · 4 – 6 t

Inste Kongen og Kongeporten


Vandring 9 km · 7 – 12 t



Vandring 4.1 km · 2 – 4 t



Vandring 6.7 km · 3 – 4 t

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