Falketind Vandring

Popular hike with beautiful views of the Morka-Koldedalen Valley

  • Foto: Toril Sunde Apelthun

  • Falketind sett fra platået hvor pionerruta kommer opp.

    Falketind sett fra platået hvor pionerruta kommer opp. Foto: Jostedalen Breførarlag

  • Pionerruta kommer opp fra høyre.

    Pionerruta kommer opp fra høyre. Foto: Henning Gladheim

  • Falketind fra Falkbreen.

    Falketind fra Falkbreen. Foto: Dag Nordsveen

  • Falketind og Hjelledalstind frå Stølsnostind.

    Falketind og Hjelledalstind frå Stølsnostind. Foto: Dag Nordsveen

Viktig informasjon

Om Falketind

Falketind is located at 2,067 meters above sea level and it is one of the popular hikes in Jotunheimen. After passing Andrevatnet you'll get beautiful views Morka-Koldedalen Valley, and from the top, you can see both Stølsnostinden and Stølsnosbree. When the weather is nice, there are often many people hiking. 



Drive on the road called Koldedølsvegen that starts at Tyinholmen Mountain Lodge. You can park at the end of the gravel road in what is called "Morka-Koldedalen". The coordinates are 61.383624, 8.140126


The closest bus stop, called Tyinholmen is located in front of Tyinholmen Mountain Lodge. 


This trip requires a lot of scrambling. 

From your car, follow the trail along Koldedalsvatnet Lake, then an unnamed lake, and then to Andrevatnet Lake. At the northern end of Andrevatnet the trail becomes a bit challenging to figure out where it is, so make sure you use the Outtt app to guide you. Cross the river that comes from the top of Stølsnosbreen mountain and then hike on the left side of it. Along the river, it tends to be rather steep. There are also some swampy parts and loose rocks. On the northern ridge, towards the top, it is again very steep and will require you to cleavage some rocks. 

Note: If it is early in the season, be aware that there still may be snow on the ground or even snowfall. 


Some areas can be very steep. It is recommended to bring a climbing rope, a helmet and other safety equipment. 


  • Tyinholmen Mountain Lodge is located on the northern shores of Tyin Lake, at 1,100 meters above sea level. From the lodge, you can view the beautiful nearby mountains and glaciers. 
  • The Right to Roam law enables you to camp anywhere for free as long as you follow some basic guidelines. Read more.


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