Rundtur: Tuftelia–Prestholt Vandring

Follow the Eima river up and loop back for panoramic views

  • River Eima and Hallingskarvet

    River Eima and Hallingskarvet Foto: Åsa Christner

  • Ved Prestholtseter

    Ved Prestholtseter Foto: Emile Holba

  • Foto: Paul A. Lockhart

  • Foto: Emile Holba

  • Foto: Åsa Christner

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Geilo
  • Sesong: juni-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 10.6 kilometer (rundtur)
  • Stigning: 450 meter
  • Varighet: 3.5-4.5 timer

Om Rundtur: Tuftelia–Prestholt

This gorgeous hike features a stretch along the Eima river, a waterfall, and panoramic views. Be sure to take the short detour to Fjellstølhovda on the way back down where you can see down the Ustedalen valley toward the Hardangervidda plateau and the Hallingskarvet mountain range.


There is a parking lot just past Tuftelia Jon's Kro, a 5 minute drive west of Geilo on Highway 7.


The trail starts from the parking area west of Tuftelia, around 3.5 km from Geilo. A gravel road leads up to the railroad tracks where there is a crossing. The trail then climbs steeply up a hillside lined with birch trees. At the top of this section there is small rest area where the trail divides. Turn left and continue westward in easy terrain, rounding Fjellstølhovda to meet the Eima river and a waterfall. The trail continues in good terrain along the Eima until the river turns westward. The trail continues northward toward the Hallingskarvet mountains to Prestholtvegen road, approximately 500 meters before Prestholtseter café.

Follow the road and a dirt track eastward approximately 1.5 km. At the sign for Urundberget, take a right and follow the easy trail southeast. At the trail crossing just before Urundberget, take a right. The trail now meanders down the hills to open terrain with a fantastic view. It is worth taking a short detour (100 meters) up to Fjellstølhovda. Here you'll find a panorama with Sangefjell, Geilo, Kikut, Ustedalsfjorden, the Ustedalen valley toward the Hardangervidda plateau, and the Hallingskarvet mountains. Shortly after, you will be back at the fork in the trail by the small rest area. Walk back down the steep hill to the parking lot at Tuftelia.


  • Food and drinks are available at Prestholtseter café (check the opening hours first). You can find some Norwegian specialties like cured meats, sour cream porridge (rømmegrøt) and soft potato bread (lefsekling)


Geilo is situated just 10 km from the trailhead. There are a range of accommodation options available, including cabins, hotels, and Airbnbs.


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