The Seven Sisters Vandring

The highlight of hiking in Helgeland

  • View of the Seven Sisters

    View of the Seven Sisters Foto: Erlend Haarberg/ Heroey

  • View from Kvasstinden

    View from Kvasstinden Foto: Orsoyla Haarberg/ Alstahaug

  • View from Tvillingene

    View from Tvillingene Foto: Erlend Haarberg/ Alstahaug

  • View from Kvasstinden

    View from Kvasstinden Foto: Emil Sollie/ Brixton Frames/ Helgeland Reiseliv/ Alstahaug

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Helgeland
  • Sesong: mai-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 24.7 kilometer (A til B)
  • Stigning: 2,890 meter
  • Varighet: 12-20 timer

Om The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are a set of seven majestic mountains that are located so close together that they can all be hiked in one day. From the summits, you'll see the beautiful Helgeland coast and archipelago and possibly the incredible Lofoten mountains. 

This is a demanding hike and requires lots of hiking up and down, but it is not extremely challenging. It, however, requires a tremendous amount of grit and endurance to make it through such a long journey. 

The mountain range was formed more than 20,000 years ago from glaciers. 


Starting in the south 

From downtown Sandnessjøen, drive on Road 809, before transitioning to Fv17/ Søvikveien at the roundabout. Continue driving on Fv17 for approximately 14km. About 150 meters after the intersection of Fv17 and Road 828, turn left onto the unnamed road. The coordinates for the parking lot are 65.922800, 12.458702, which can be put directly into Google Maps

Starting in the north 

From downtown Sandnessjøen, drive on Road 809, before transitioning to Fv17/ Søvikveien at the roundabout. After approximately 3km, turn left onto Fv138. After approximately 6km turn left at the signpost, and the parking lot will be on your right. The coordinates for the parking lot are 65.9649683750235, 12.5588048975015, which can be put directly into Google Maps

If you prefer climbing other peaks first, continue on Fv138, and follow the signposts accordingly. It's important to note that the closest airport is Sandnessjøen Airport. 


Note: The trail can be hiked from the north or the south, however, it is suggested to begin the trip in the south because that's where the most challenging parts of the trip are located. Additionally, individual peaks can be hiked independently, however, it is very popular to hike all seven peaks in one day. This trail description is for the trip that begins in the south. 

1. Breitind/ Stortind 910 meters above sea level 

Breitind is also known as Stortind and it is the most southern of The Seven Sisters mountains. From the parking lot follow the signposted tractor road that goes near the river. Upon crossing the bridge, you'll hike a bit more on the trail before getting to a gate. Make sure that you close it after going through. After that, the ridge becomes quite steep, but it then steadily increases. The trail continues to be well marked, and at about 700 meters above sea level the mountain will become rocky and may require some scrambling. Upon summiting the mountain, continue hiking northeast towards the next mountain, Kvasstinden. 

2. Kvasstinden 1,010 meters above sea level

Even in the summertime, there may still be snow on this mountain, making it challenging to see the signposts. If the snow has melted, the rocks may be slippery, so watch your footing. The trail is easy to follow, with some more wet areas at the top. The top has some steep cliffs and it is very steep. Often people scream upon reaching the top in celebration. 

3. & 4. Tvillingene (The Twins) 945 and 980 meters above sea level

Upon summiting Kvasstinden, hike back about 500 meters. The trail then to Tvilling is well marked. Tvilling consists of two peaks, the southern and the northern. The Northern peak is very low but is very challenging to climb. Hike to the left until you hike pass the water. The ridge then rises in the east to about 700 meters above sea level. There may be a lot of snow, making it challenging to see the signs, but you can follow the track on the app. From the top, you can see the mountains, Tjøtta and Mindland. 

5. Skjæringen 1,037 meters above sea level

This mountain is the second highest of the trip. Although it is rather steep, it's a rather easy mountain to summit. You'll be hiking on the southern ridge, however, you can also access it from the eastern ridge if you're hiking this mountain separately from the other peaks. Overall, it's a nice hike to the top! While descending, you'll turn left at the sign and continue on your way to the second last mountain, Grytfoten. 

6. Grytfoten 1,019 meters above sea level

This is a steep, yet long steady hike on the southwestern ridge. The trip does not require any scrambling. Near the top, it may be difficult to see signposts, but just continue hiking up the mountain. 

7. Botnkrona 1,072 meters above sea level

Continue on the hike towards the final and highest mountain of the trip, Botnkrona. The trail to the peak is rather simple to follow, aside from the final 100 meters which require a lot of scrambling. From the top, you can see nearly the entire Helgeland coast.


  • This is a demanding hike. It is very important that you are well prepared both physically and mentally. 
  • There are lots of rocks to hike on or scramble up, so be particularly careful during or after a rainfall.
  • Anyone who hikes all seven peaks of The Seven Sisters will be awarded a diploma by Sandnessjøen and Omegn Turistforening.


Use the Outtt Packing Guide to plan what gear you need. 


  • Offersøy Camping offers 10 cabins and lots for RVs. You can also rent bikes and boats. 
  • Sandnessjøen Camping is only 10 km from downtown Sandnessjøen, and it offers incredible views of the Seven Sisters. Accommodation options include cabins and scenic spots to pitch a tent or park your RV. 
  • Scandic Seven Sisters, is a chain hotel and it is located only 60 meters from The Hurtigruten Ferry Terminal. 
  • Pitch a tent! Just make sure you follow Right to Roam rules. 


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