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Bjørnhollia Vandring

Visit a tourist cabin at the edge of Rondane National Park

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Christer Gundersen

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Rondane National Park
  • Sesong: mai-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 11.6 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 300 meter
  • Varighet: 4-6 timer

Om Bjørnhollia

Trek to Bjørnhollia DNT cabin for a moderate hike into the edge Rondane National Park. Make it a day trip with a stop at the cabin to enjoy a packed lunch, or stay overnight and explore the park further. Possible destinations from Bjørnhollia include Skjerdalen and Rondeslottet or the round-trip Rondane Triangle.

You can also cycle to Bjørnhollia along an alternate route, a gravel road from Gammelgarden.

The cabin is staffed from 19th July to 13th September 2020.


Park your car at Strømbu rest stop, located along Road 27 (Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane). The rest stop is easily visible from the road and the parking lot is immediately in front of the viewpoint.

If you have bikes, you can cycle to Bjørnhollia along a gravel road. Park at Gammelgarden (2.8 kilometers north of Strømbu) and follow the road 8 kilometers to the cabin.


From the rest stop, follow the marked trail over the river and towards Bjørnhollia DNT Cabin. Although the trail can be wet and rocky, it’s easy to follow. 


  • Since this is a wet and rocky trail, waterproof footwear is recommended.


  • Free parking at Strømbu
  • Toilets at Strømbu (open from Easter to the end of October)
  • Toilets at Bjørnhollia
  • Snacks available for purchase at Bjørnhollia


With its location south in Rondane, Bjørnhollia DNT Cabin is a great place to stay if wanting to explore the national park. The cabin is staffed during summer and serves as a self-service cabin for the rest of the year. To make a booking, contact the cabin by sending an e-mail to bjornhollia@turistforeningen.no. To learn about how to use DNT’s cabins, read our ultimate guide


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