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Høgronden Vandring

Hike up high for views of three national parks

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

  • Foto: Guro Asdøl Midtmageli

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Rondane National Park
  • Sesong: juli-september
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Krevende
  • Lengde: 20.7 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 1,450 meter
  • Varighet: 9-11 timer

Om Høgronden

“Høg” means high in Norwegian, and as the name suggests, Høgronden (2,115 m.a.s.l.) is one of the highest mountains of the Rondane Mountain Range. From the top, you’ll experience wide-ranging views of no less than three national parks: Rondane, Dovrefjell, and Jotunheimen.

The trail begins from Strømbu rest stop and is well-marked. Because of its length and considerable elevation gain, this is a very demanding hike. As you pass the tree line, the terrain becomes increasingly steep and rocky, so be sure to wear proper hiking boots. Check the forecast before heading out, and do not undertake the hike in harsh weather.


Park your car at Strømbu rest stop, located along Road 27 (Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane). The rest stop is easily visible from the road and the parking lot is immediately in front of the viewpoint.


From the rest stop, take the sign-posted trail to Høgronden. The trail is marked with red Ts and is easy to follow.

Follow the trail runs alongside the river and across the bridge. The trail takes you through a pine forest with reindeer moss covering the ground.

Upon meeting a road, cross the road and continue on the trail on the other side of the road. The trail now becomes steeper and rockier, leading you uphill through a birch forest.

Having passed the tree line, you’ll soon reach a large cairn where the trail splits. Take the path to the right, traveling steeply uphill towards Høgronden. Reaching the top of the first large hill, you’ll see the summit ahead. The trail flattens out a little and continues past Høgrondbue, an emergency shelter without bunks or equipment. Having passed the cabin, the trail travels steeply towards the top. The final climb to the top is the steepest part of the entire route.

Enjoy the sweeping views from the top before descending along the same trail.


  • The toilet facilities at Strømbu rest stop are open from Easter to the end of October.
  • Free parking at Strømbu.


Offering cabin and campsite rental, Rondetunet Outdoor Activity Center is the perfect starting point for outdoor adventures, which in addition to hiking, includes fishing and canoe paddling. The main buildings include a café as well as a shop selling equipment for outdoor activities.

Rondane Gjestegård is a small charming inn offering hotel and cabin accommodation, as well as cozy communal areas for relaxation. Their restaurant serves locally sourced breakfast and dinner.

With its location south in Rondane, Bjørnhollia DNT Cabin is a great place to stay if wanting to explore the national park. The cabin is staffed during spring and summer and serves as a self-service cabin for the rest of the year. To make a booking, contact the cabin by sending an e-mail to bjornhollia@turistforeningen.no. To learn about how to use DNT’s cabins, read our ultimate guide


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