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Bjørgovarden Vandring

Discover an easy-going trail through a serene mountain landscape

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

Viktig informasjon

  • Sesong: juni-oktober
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 15.3 kilometer (rundtur)
  • Stigning: 560 meter
  • Varighet: 5-6 timer

Om Bjørgovarden

The trail to Bjørgovarden takes you through a serene mountain landscape, passing through forests and alongside lakes. Enjoy the spectacular view of the 2000-meter high Jotunheimen peaks from the many viewpoints as you cross the treeline.

The trail runs through gentle mountain terrain and is easy to follow. If you want a shorter hike, there are several short-cut options along the way. 


Exit road E16 in Aurdal right by the church towards Danebu Kongsgård and Valdres Alpine ski slopes. Continue up the road passing the exit to the ski slopes and continue all the way to a toll booth where you need to pay NOK 20 by credit card to pass.

Continue up the road, passing Damtjernet Lake on your left-hand side. After a few hundred meters take a right at the sign towards Danebu Kongsgård. 


From Danebu follow the gravel road and take a right at the first junction after the parking lot. Go past the football field, take a left at Varpadalsvegen and then immediately after, a right on Danebuvegen. Follow Danebuvegen for 150 meters and look for signs towards Fjellenden and Binnhovdsknatten. The trail goes into the forest on the right side of a small creek.

After 400 meters you get to Fræningen Lake. Follow this trail over to the northern end of the lake. There is a trail junction here where one trail takes you to Binnhovdsknatten and the other to Fjellenden. Follow the trail towards Fjellenden. After hiking 750 meters, you get to Fjellenden at 1145 meters above sea level.

From Fjellenden follow the trail in a south-eastern direction until you get to a small lake. Take the trail that goes up on the small hill on the south-eastern side of the lake. From this hill, the trail splits in many directions, and you want to follow the trail to the next hill called Storstølknatten. It is about 850 meters between the two hills and on your way, you will go past another small lake on your right-hand side.

From Storstølknatten follow the trail towards Bjørgovarden. After 1.5 kilometers, you will pass Kringlestølen mountain farm. From Kringlestølen, follow the signs to Bjørgovarden. The distance from Kringlestølen to Bjørgovarden is 2.7 kilometers.

When returning from Bjørgovarden, look for the larger lake (Langevatnet) in the direction you came from. Follow the trail down to Langevatnet Lake and take the trail that follows the southern side of the lake. The trail takes you to the northern end of the lake where you follow the trail back to Kringlestølen.

From Kringlestølen take the trail back to Storstølknatten and from there the trail going to Fræningen Lake. Alternatively, you can take the trail from Kringlestølen going down to Venevatnet and Storstøltjernet Lake and from there follow the road back to Danebu. 


  • If you are interested in local food and beer then go by Noraker Gard and Små Vesen before or after the hike. Noraker Gard is known for its production of fermented fish which they sell in the farm shop. Små Vesen sells its excellent locally produced beer.
  • Fræningen Lake is drinking water so swimming is strictly forbidden
  • You can fill up your water bottle in lakes and creeks along the way.


Right by the trailhead, you will find the historic Danebu Kongsgård hotel.


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