Utsikten Vandring

Experience far-reaching views from an accessible viewpoint

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

  • Foto: Petter Olsen

Viktig informasjon

Om Utsikten

This viewpoint in the northwestern part of the mountain massif Skjeneggen is one of the finest and most easily accessible in Jotunheimen. From the top, you’ll see across an endless array of 2000-meter peaks, from Hurrungane in the west to the Gjende Alps in the east.

The 410-meter ascent to the top is gradual, and the trail is well-marked and easy to follow. 


Drive on road E16 (Lærdal - Fagernes), before exiting towards Tyin Lake and Eidsbugarden. Follow signs towards Eidsbugarden on the eastern side of Tyin Lake. Paid parking is available at Eidsbugarden. 65 NOK for 12-hours parking and 100 NOK for 24-hours parking.

Public Transport
You can get to Eidsbugarden by bus from Oslo or from Bergen. The ride up there takes about 5 hours from both cities.

By boat from Bygdin
It is also possible to get to Eidsbugarden by boat from Bygdin. Visit the JVB boat website for schedules and prices for the boat ride. Bygdin is situated 50 kilometers north of Beitostølen. You can drive your car there and park at Bygdin or take the bus from Oslo


Begin your hike by following the narrow gravel road that runs between the parking lots. Look for a sign towards "Vinjestigen" and follow that trail. The trail follows along a river for a while before it splits into two different trails. Take the trail to the right and not the trail towards Yksendalsbu. From here the trail is marked with white markers and small cairns. 

Just after the junction, you reach a flat area where you get some good views of Utsikten ahead of you and if you turn around you will start to see the mountain peaks of Jotunheimen behind you. 

Continue on this trail all the way to Utsikten. You will find a toposcope there which tells you the names of all the mountains peaks around you. 


  • You will find lots of creeks on the first section of the hike, where you can fill up your water bottle. The last section of the hike has few options for getting drinking water. 


  • Toilets available at Fondsbu.
  • You can also buy prepared food at Fondsbu.


  • Fondsbu Mountain Lodge is located on the western end of Bygdin Lake. It's a full-service DNT cabin with many events, music, and cultural events.
  • Eidsbugarden Hotel is also located on the western end of Bygdin Lake. Visit their website for accommodation information and availability.
  • Bygdin Fjellhotel is located at the eastern end of Bygdin Lake. Visit their website for accommodation information and availability.
  • The Right to Roam law enables you to camp most places for free as long as you follow some basic guidelines. Read more.


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