Stetinden Vandring

The lesser known "Stetinden" located in Jotunheimen

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Om Stetinden

Stetinden in Jotunheimen shares the same name of the much more demanding mountain in Northern Norway. Although this smaller mountain cannot truly compare to its bigger counterpart, you'll still get incredible views. From the top at 2020 meters above sea level, you'll see Mount Leirvatnet and Leirvassbu in the west. 

This trip is one of the most popular hikes from Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge. 


Lom is about the same distance from the 3 biggest cities in Norway, Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. 


  • From Lom town center, take Road 55 towards Sogndal, and turn left onto "Leirvassbu" after about 26 km. This is a toll road, so make sure you bring cash. You can type Leirdalsvegen, 2687 Bøverdalen into your GPS. From Oslo, the drive will take approximately 5 hours. 

Public transportation 

  • If traveling by bus, there are direct routes to Lom from Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim.
  • If traveling by train (NSB) from Oslo, you'll need to transfer to a bus in Otta. 
To plan your journey visit EnTur. Please note if you take public transportation, contact Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge to determine transportation to your final destination.


From Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge hike on the packed dirt road towards Gravdalen for approximately 3km in the direction of Stehos and Stetinden. Continue hiking on the ridge towards Stetinden. Then continue hiking in the west to the southern tip, and then further north along the back of the mountain. 

From a distance, the final stretch can appear very steep. This part is not as challenging as it looks, but be aware that it does require you to pay close attention to your footwork. 


  • The Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge, known as "The Pearl of Jotunheimen", is located in the center of Jotunheimen and is the starting point for many trails. 
  • Pitch a tent! Just make sure you follow the Right to Roam rules. 


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