Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter Skitur

Family-friendly trail through Rondane national park

  • Foto: Yngve Ask / Mountains of Norway

  • Foto: Mountains of Norway

  • Foto: Yngve Ask / scanout.com

  • Foto: Yngve Ask / Mountains of Norway

  • Foto: Yngve Ask / Mountains of Norway

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Rondane National Park
  • Sesong: desember-april
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 8 kilometer (A til B)
  • Stigning: 260 meter
  • Varighet: 3-5 timer

Om Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter

Enter the land of trolls and Norwegian fairy tales as you ski through the heather-covered landscape of the Rondane national park with its small, gurgling streams and tall, rugged mountains. From the renowned sour cream waffles of Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter situated by the shimmering lake Høvringsvatnet, you’ll enjoy panoramic views on a child-friendly skiing trail in an easy terrain.


While driving along the main road E6 in the Gudbrandsdalen valley look for the sign to Høvringen about a 15-minute drive north of Otta. From the main road, there is a six kilometer drive up to a fork in the road just before you reach Høvringen. Bear right at this junction and after 1.5 kilometers look for a sign to Putten Seter on the right side of the road.

After turning off to the right you get to the toll booth for driving the road to Putten Seter. Follow this road for five kilometers until you reach Putten Seter. 

Public Transport
Take the train from Oslo or Trondheim to Otta. From Otta there is a local bus going up to Høvringen. Note that this bus does not go all the way to Putten Seter so you either need to hike your way to Putten Seter from Høvringen or ask for private transport.


Heading out from Putten Seter at 940 meters above sea level, the 11 kilometers to Smuksjøseter is mostly easy skiing. The trail is marked all the way as you ski through the unspoiled nature of the Rondane National Park. Just before you reach Smuksjøseter, there is a slightly steeper descent down to Høvringsvatne lake.  Otherwise, it is a slow and even ascent from Putten Seter. 


  • Three hundred meters from Putten seter there is a chapel called Rossbukapell, which you can visit. Four times a year - at New Year’s, Easter, Saint Olav’s Day and in the autumn - they host religious services at the chapel.
  • If you wish to take on a slightly longer hike (about 1 kilometer longer), you can continue to the Peer Gynt cabin on the way to Smuksjøseter. The cabin is named after a character from the Norwegian folklore and some might recognise it from the Henrik Ibsen play by the same name. From this stone cabin you have a panoramic view of the mountains.


Both Putten Seter and Smuksjøseter offer accommodation. If you opt for the detour down to the Peer Gynt cabin you can also spend the night there.

If you are skiing the loop from Øigardseter to Putten Seter, from Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter and lastly from Smuksjøseter back to Øigardseter, there is an accommodation package called "Explore Rondane" ("Rondaneturen") which includes accommodation for three nights, three-course dinners, breakfast and packed lunch, a thermos of hot beverage, a map and luggage transportation. Contact the cabins directly for prices and more information.


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