Rasletinden Vandring

Soak up the vista of the Gjende Alps

  • View of Øystre Fagerdalstjednet Lake, towards Kalvehøgde with Rasletind (2,105 m.a.s.l.) to the right.

    View of Øystre Fagerdalstjednet Lake, towards Kalvehøgde with Rasletind (2,105 m.a.s.l.) to the right. Foto: Julia Helgesen

  • On the way towards Rasletind.

    On the way towards Rasletind. Foto: Morten Helgesen

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Om Rasletinden

Rasletinden is one of the towering peaks between Bygdin and Gjendesheim. 2105 m above sea level. From the top of this peak, you’ll experience stunning views of the surrounding peaks in Leirungsdalen Valley, an area often referred to as the Gjende Alps.

The hike is well-marked and easy to follow, taking you from the valley floor to the top in just a few hours. You'll pass several idyllic mountain lakes along the way.  



From Oslo or Beitostølen, take NOR-WAY 161 Valdresekspressen. Use Norway bus express’ travel planner to organize your trip.

The local bus 137 operating on the route Fagernes - Gjendesheim, also travels past the trailhead. View the timetable, or use Entur to plan your trip. 

Alight from the bus at the stop Valdresflye. The trailhead is just across the road when coming from Oslo or Beitostølen.

Note: buses between Beitostølen and Leirvassbu (Lom) only operate in summer, approximately from late June through August. 


From Oslo, head north on Road E16 towards Bergen for 185 kilometers. When you reach Fagernes, follow the signs to Road 51, towards Vågå/Beitostølen.

Follow road 51 for another 57 kilometers until you reach the parking lot located where Valdresflya Vandrehjem once stood. It’s located 7 kilometers north of Bygdin on the right side of the road and directly across the road from the trailhead to Rasletinden. 

Note: Parts of Road 51 (between Garli and Maurvangen) is closed during winter and typically open from April to December. 


The trailhead is located just across the road from the parking lot, at the former site of Valdresflya Vandrehjem, an old hotel which burned down in 2015. Follow the trail westwards. Be sure to keep to the right at the very first fork, located just a few hundred meters from the road.

The trail takes you past Flytjerni Lake and through Steindalen Valley before you reach the foot of Rasletind. From here, you ascend the top from the northeast, following the ridge of Kalvehøgde Mountain. Watch your step as you walk along the steep ridgeline. At the top, you’re awarded stunning views of the Gjende Alps.

Descend along the same trail.     


  • Free parking.
  • Shops and restaurants are available in Beitostølen.


Bygdin Høyfjellshotell is located some 7 kilometers south of the trailhead. This cozy mountain lodge serves great food, including an excellent breakfast, and has a bar.

There are also several hotels and cabins available in Beitostølen.

Gjendesheim Cabin is located some 14 kilometers north of the trailhead. This staffed DNT lodge offers locally sourced food as well as affordable accommodation.   


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