Skaget Vandring

Hike to the top of Langsua National Park’s tallest mountain

  • At the top of Skaget.

    At the top of Skaget. Foto: Thor Østbye

  • At the top of Skaget.

    At the top of Skaget. Foto: Thor Østbye

  • A willow grouse spotted along the trail.

    A willow grouse spotted along the trail. Foto: Thor Østbye

  • View from Skaget towards Jotunheimen.

    View from Skaget towards Jotunheimen. Foto: Thor Østbye

  • Foto: Thor Østbye

Viktig informasjon

  • Destinasjon: Langsua
  • Sesong: april-november
  • Vanskelighetsgrad: Middels
  • Lengde: 7.1 kilometer (tur/retur)
  • Stigning: 580 meter
  • Varighet: 4-5 timer

Om Skaget

Reaching some 1,686 meters above sea level, Skaget is the tallest peak in Langsua National Park. This volcano-shaped mountain is a well-known Valdres landmark. No wonder, then, that it’s often referred to as the Kilimanjaro of Valdres. Allegedly, the name stems from the verb “skaga,” which means to tower. From this towering peak, you’ll have great views of Gausdal Valley in the north, Jotunheimen National Park in the west, and the mountains of Huldreheimen in the east.

The trail runs through relatively smooth mountain terrain, however, there are some rocky parts towards the peak that require you to scramble. Hiking Skaget is thus recommended in clear weather only. There are several trails leading to the top which can be combined to make exciting roundtrips. 



From Fagernes, follow the signs to Road 51 towards Vågå/Beitostølen.

Drive on Road 51 for about 21.5 kilometers until you reach Heggenes. Exit towards Yddin. Continue past Yddin Cabins and follow the road that ends up by Storeskag. Park your car in the parking area on the right-hand side of the road, some 100 meters before you reach the DNT cabin Storeskag.

Note: in spring and early summer, the road can be closed due to snowdrifts. In such cases, cycling is a good option.


The nearest bus stop Heggenes is located some 20 kilometers from the trailhead, so you’ll need to bring a bike, take a cab or hitch a lift.

From Fagernes, take NOR-WAY 161 Valdresekspressen or the local bus 137 and alight from the bus at Heggenes. Use Norway bus express’ travel planner or Entur to organize your trip.


There are several trails leading to the top of Skaget. This is a description of the trail that starts at the back of the self-service DNT cabin Storeskag. The trailhead is signposted.

Follow the trail as it leads you up the hillside. The trail is easy to spot and to follow. Before you reach the top of the hillside, the path splits in two. Take the main trail to the right, leading you along the eastern ridge of Skaget before turning westwards towards the top. The trail is marked by cairns, however, be aware that it might be some distance between the cairns.

Descend along the same trail, or make a roundtrip by taking an alternative route.

Alternative routes

Instead of taking the main trail to the right at the above-mentioned crossing, take the small path that leads straight ahead. After some 500 meters, the trail splits in two once more, marked by a small cairn. Here you have two alternatives.

Alternative 1:

If you take the trail to the right, the trail will take you steeply up the mountainside. You’ll reach a ledge to on the top ridge, to the right of the summit. Be aware that snow may lie below the ledge in early summer, so you might have to walk around it. You’ll reach the top by continuing on the ridge to the top, or by scrambling the ledges on the southern side.

Note: because of the steepness of this route, it’s not recommended to choose the route for the return trip.

Alternative 2:

Instead of taking the path to the right, continue along the mountainside, below the escarpments of Skaget. This trail is harder to spot, so you’ll need to be attentive. The many cairns set up by hikers may cause confusion, as they lead to double-marking in certain areas.

The trail leads you to a plateau at an elevation of some 1,580 meters. Follow the cairns leading to the right, taking you along a trail winding its way between the varying mountain formations. The trail travels to the top by rounding Skaget on the west south-western ridge.    


  • There’s a toll fee on the road from Heggenes towards Yddin. The fee is around NOK 60 and can be paid by card, cash or SMS.

  • Storeskag is a self-service DNT cabin which is open all year round. The cabin has everything you need for cooking, however, you do need to bring a sleeping bag if planning on staying overnight.


  • There are a couple of grocery stores in Heggenes, and many shops and restaurants in Beitostølen.


There are many accommodation options to choose from in Beitostølen. Stay at Radisson Blu Mountain Resort Beitostølen if you're looking for Scandinavian cuisine as well as spa facilities. Beitostølen Hytter is a good option if apartment or cabin accommodation is what you're after.

Grønolen Fjellgard is situated some 4 kilometers west of Beitostølen. They offer both hotel and apartment accommodation, cozy communal areas where you can socialize with travelers, as well as a large spa department. Enjoy a three-course dinner in their dining hall with stunning views. 


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